Mizuno JPX-800 Woods Review

Hi, I’m Kane Snow with 3balls.com.  I recently had an opportunity to try out the Mizuno JPX-800 driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.  If you’ve never tried any Mizuno woods, then you are missing out.  Their irons (see our used Mizuno irons) are really nice, it’s what they are known for, but their woods are also pretty solid.  If you have a chance to ever try them out, definitely do it.  The first club I tried was the hybrid, #3 hybrid, 19*.  I liked it.  I hit it high, which is good for me and it seemed to be pretty forgiving.  I hit it pretty straight.  I typically use a tradtional shaped 3-iron and 4-iron but if I keep trying out these hybrids and I keep liking them eventually I’ll switch.  I probably should.  I tried the 3-wood.  A 15* 3-wood. It looks really nice at address.  It has an alignment aid on the crown which I’ve never been a huge fan of but this one didn’t bother me at all.  Very square at address.  It looks just how I would like a 3-wood to look with the exception of the alignment aid, but I can deal with that.  I hit it high, just like the hybrid, I hit it really high, especially when I compare it to my 3-wood, which was nice because I hit mine a little bit low.  That’s almost what sold me on this one was how high I hit it.  It wasn’t like a balloon flight, but it was really high and carried a long ways.  It seemed to be pretty long.  I hit it pretty far.  A couple of times it felt like I was hitting it further than the driver, but that is more me than the club probably.  Then I tried out the driver.  It looks a lot like the 3-wood as well.  It has the alignment aid on the crown, sits pretty square at address, and has a nice shape to it.  I think it probably looks better than some of the other Mizuno drivers that I’ve seen.  It was pretty forgiving as well.  I hit a couple out on the toe and a couple on the heel and even though I got some feedback, which was nice, the shots weren’t completely awful.  They weren’t as straight or as long as hitting it on the center of the face, but that is how all drivers are.  I did like the driver.  I was trying out the 10.5*.  I probably should have had the 9*.  I hit it a little too high.  Overall I liked it.  Basically if you are in the market for a new driver, fairway wood, or a hybrid, I’d recommend at least trying out the Mizuno JPX-800 line.  Give it a shot.  If you get a chance to hit one at a demo day, I’d recommend doing that because they’re reallysolid clubs.  Thanks for watching this review and we’ll see you next time.

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