How Oakley Made Golf Apparel Cool

Bubba Watson Oakley Sunglasses

One of Oakley’s most famous accessories remains its high definition optical, Unobtanium constructed, hydrophobic sunglasses. Insignificant as it seems, Oakley golf shades, developed specifically for the sport, inspired so many people to go out and buy their products that the company now has focused much of its resources to marketing to the golf industry.

Many of these Oakley consumers, it’s worth noting, are amateurs as well as professional golfers.

James Jannard, who started Oakley out of his garage in 1975, was selling motorcycle grips out of the back of his car at motorcross events. The grips used a patented material called Unobtanium that’s still used to make earsocks on Oakley sunglasses, and many of the nose pieces and the bands on watches. Oakley has gone on to produce glasses, gloves, grips, elbow guards, chin guards, goggles, and recently, golf apparel. Jannard’s marketing efforts have had a huge impact on style. It hasn’t just been the signature Oakley sunglasses embraced by celebrity golfers over the years. The brand has popularized new styles of golf polos, shorts, and shoes.

Professional golfers trust the company because Oakley’s golf line produces top-quality pieces made to enhance performance.

Oakley Shirts

Golf shirts are comfortable, loose-fitting, and stretchy. They stay tucked in even when you’re making a high-powered swing. There are other benefits to wearing an Oakley shirt because the 100% polyester material easily wicks away moisture and provides anti-microbial odor control. Golfers also enjoy additional protection from the elements with UV-ray blocking properties. Polos aren’t tight or baggy – they’re just well-fitted shirts with room to be active in.

Oakley Shorts

Made out of exceptional quality material, Oakley shorts are a perfect fit on the golf course. Shorts allow for an enhanced range of motion due to their stretch fabrication. They’re great on course because they stretch enough during the swing and when bending over to tee up the ball. Breathable and light, the shorts are ideal during the summer months when it’s hot and humid outside.

“If you want to dress like one of the professionals then Oakley is the brand for you,” Josh Alexander, Purchasing Manager at, told us. “Oakley offers people a chance to live vicariously through the products and services professional golfers are tied to. Wearing the Oakley brand means you are wearing some of the same gear as Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, and Hideki Matsuyama have on tour.”


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