Optimizing Face Angle on Your New Callaway Driver

Callaway X-Hot

You want precise control so you’ve chosen an adjustable driver. And the adjustable driver of your choice is the Callaway X-Hot. Reviews about this club will tell you about how the club performs. But they rarely address using the adjustable settings.

Have no fear. Your new Callaway driver won’t languish in the closet. We’ll tell you how to set the proper face angle for your swing. Soon you’ll be able to tweak your driver’s hosel so and get the most out of every stroke. Let’s walk through the settings available on your new driver.


The letter “N” indiciates a neutral or square face angle. Position it between the two lines on the adjustable hosel of your new Callaway driver. Neutral or square faces are exactly what you’d imagine. They have no angle whatsoever when they’re held at a perfect 90 degree angle to the line of flight. When you strike your ball, it’ll fly exactly where you’re pointing. That is, if your swing is perfect. Neutral face settings are perfect for certain conditions. Use this setting when you’re shooting straight down the fairway, the wind is calm and there aren’t any objects or hazards between you and your target.


The open setting, indicated on the Callaway X-Hot’s hosel with an “O”, opens the clubface 2.5 degrees and lowers the loft of the club by about 1 degree. The opening of the clubface creates a fade or slice shot. That is, a shot that curves to the right for a right-handed player; you can use it to correct shots that tend to fly too far to the left. But with this correction, the Callaway X-Hot punishes you by making it more difficult to get your ball in the air. You need to be making an extra effort to swing your driver well or buy a higher lofted club if you plan to use the “O” setting.


Closing the face angle by selecting the “C” setting on your hosel closes the face down 1.5 degrees and increases your loft by a degree. Closed faces create hook and draw shots, which curve to the left as they travel away from a right-handed golfer. Again, use this face angle to correct or get around a hazard or obstacle. The increased loft angle will help you get your ball up off the ground a little easier.

Don’t worry if your new Callaway driver isn’t for you. We’re happy to take it in trade toward a different club. You could trade up to a more adjustable Callaway or into something a lot more traditional. Just know that we’ve got the perfect driver for your game at 3balls.com.

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