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Where We Get Our Stuff

With so many outstanding values all in one place… that’s a natural question! (One we’ll answer below!) We want you to rest assured that whenever you buy from 3balls you can buy with confidence! We’re really proud of our long history in the golf business (over 25 years), our reputation for integrity and authenticity, our accuracy in presentation and our commitment to seeing our customers 100% Happy! learn more »

Brand Spankin New Apparel, Accessories & Shoes
It may not be as exciting a story as some of the other stuff we manage to get our hands on, but we do carry a lot of brand new items here at 3balls too… in fact, everything a golfer needs. What makes it interesting is that because we buy in such large quantities, we can often pass major savings on to you!

Cosmetic Blemishes & Closeouts Too…
Sometimes manufacturers let us at their accessories, shoes and apparel that may have slight cosmetic imperfections or that are being closed out. (FootJoy shoes is a great example here.) These items will always be clearly identified on the site (and will typically be a ridiculously good value!).

Un-Hit Closeout Clubs Direct from Manufacturers
Thanks to our long-term relationships with the top brands in golf, we sometimes get the opportunity to help them make room for new club introductions by taking their closeout model clubs off their hands (and passing them on to you at great savings!).

Golf Club Trade-Ins from Golf Retailers & PGA Professionals Around the Country
3balls powers trade-in programs for thousands of golf retailers and PGA Professionals across the country. 3balls acquires these condition-qualified trade-ins at their current fair market trade-in value (as determined by the PGA.com Value Guide, The National Standard for Golf Club Valueswww.pga.com/valueguide), so you can be sure you are purchasing them from 3balls at a fair value based on current market conditions.

Surplus Used Demo & Fitting Cart Clubs
At season’s end, golf shop managers and custom fitters don’t want to take their surplus gear home with them they’d much rather turn it into some cash! 3balls makes a great outlet for this top brand equipment (and we pass the savings on to you!).

Un-Hit Floor Samples/Shopworn Overstock Clubs
Every golfer is the same. They want to get their hands on the latest gear before they buy it. Feel the grip in their hands, flex the shaft, and take a practice swing (and divot out of the carpet). Then, when they’re ready to buy, they want a pristine one from “out back”. We take the floor samples (and offer them at a value!).

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