How to Return Used Golf Clubs Bought Online

cardboard box saying 3balls return process

cardboard box saying 3balls return process

It can be a big risk, buying golf clubs online.  There’s always the fear that you’ll get something you didn’t ask for — or worse, your clubs are not in the condition you may have imagined.  No matter if you ordered Titleist or Cobra used golf clubs from, though, we’ve got you covered.  Our return policy allows you to send back anything you’ve purchased for any reason at all, even if you simply didn’t like the color.

We can’t promise that other golf club retailers will offer you the same process, but if your clubs were purchased through the web store, returning clubs is simple.

The 3Balls Return Process

First, you’ll need to email us or call us to get an RMA number and prepaid FedEx label.  You can use any shipping company you prefer, but we’ll only prepay for a FedEx label. If your trouble is with clubs you found in our eBay auctions, you’ll have to cover the costs of shipping — we only prepay for clubs purchased through the main site because of the deep discounts most of our eBay customers realize.

Once you’ve got your FedEx label, pack your clubs, bag or other gear back into the box we shipped it in, along with the original packing material.  Write the RMA number on the outside of the box so we know it’s from you and put the shipping label over the one we used to ship the box to your home or office. With all that complete, you’ll just need to drop the box at your nearest FedEx location or arrange a pick-up.

When we get the items in question back, we’ll inspect them carefully and let you choose if we fully refund your money based on the condition of the item or give you a 3balls gift card worth 110% of the item’s value. Unfortunately, since we’re talking about such sensitive things as golf gear, we will only credit you for the condition the item arrives in — not the condition it left in. 

Even if you bought some used Cobra golf clubs, played them for a month and decided they weren’t for you, we’d happily accept them as a return, the only caveat being a minor deduction in value based on the condition in which they were returned.  Same goes for if you left them in a closet for a month — the lack of new wear would mean you’d get credit for the same condition those clubs left us in.

It’s simple, really. You buy the clubs you want at and if you’re not just head over heels for them, send them back to us for free to get your refund. It couldn’t be easier! So, don’t worry about the circus you’ll have to deal with if your clubs aren’t perfect and pick up the clubs you’ve been eyeing on our main site,

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