Who is Scotty Cameron?

who is Scotty Cameron

who is Scotty Cameron

Serious golf enthusiasts know the names of the heavy hitters in professional golf, from Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer, but fewer really know the people behind the names on their favorite clubs.  Scotty Cameron putters are world-famous among golfers, but did you know there’s a real person behind the hype?  A lot of people think that Scotty Cameron is little more than a name made up for promotional purposes, but he’s very real.

Scotty’s Love of Golf Clubs

Scotty Cameron’s love of tweaking golf clubs came early in life, his father was a habitual golf club nut, building woods and putters in the family garage since before Scotty could remember.

As a child, he’d watch his father turn formless pieces of steel and wood into a variety of clubs that he later took out to the course.  It was Scotty’s dearest desire to help his father in his shop, and eventually, he did.

For eight years, the two Camerons spent long weekends and evenings after school studying the art of clubmaking together, his father stressing the importance of quality construction and using the right tool for the right job.  Unfortunately, their time together was cut short by Scotty’s father’s untimely demise at age forty six.  One of the last things the elder Cameron told his son was to “stick with the game of golf.  I think you have a future.”

Golf as a Career Option

With his father’s last bit of encouragement fueling his dreams, Cameron took various jobs in golf shops and with club manufacturers, until he and his wife opened Cameron International in 1992.  The new company’s goal was to manufacturer nothing but the finest putters in the game of golf — it wasn’t long before a friend began using one of his putters on the PGA Tour, stoking the curiosity of other golf professionals.  When Bernhard Langer won the Masters with an early Cameron putter, Scotty’s business exploded.

Titleist happened to be looking for a way to expand into the already tight putter market in 1994, when Scotty was approached by a Titleist representative.  After a series of meetings where Cameron made it clear that he must remain an independent creative force behind Scotty Cameron putters, Titleist and Cameron International joined forces, and the rest, as they say, is golfing history.

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