Three Used TaylorMade Drivers You Should Check Out

3 top TaylorMade drivers

3 top TaylorMade drivers

If you’re in the market for a high end, adjustable driver, there’s nothing like a TaylorMade – after all, they pioneered the adjustable driver with their R7 Quad in 2004. Since then, they’ve created a series of adjustable drivers that can be tweaked like never before – today’s TaylorMade drivers allow you to adjust loft, face angle, center of gravity, all independently to better customize your club to your specific swing, the course, and terrain ahead of you.

All that tech comes with a steep price tag, but by purchasing a used TaylorMade driver you can get all the fancy dials and knobs without breaking the bank. In the last few years, the folks at TaylorMade have continued to outdo themselves with feature-driven clubs that really perform. Our favorites in the used market include the R1, R11S and RocketBallz Stage 2 drivers.

TaylorMade R1

By far the most adjustable TaylorMade driver, the R1 can be tweaked, twisted and turned into 168 different configurations. The face angle can be opened or closed to better control ball flight or to help correct problem swings, loft can be adjusted from eight degrees to 12 degrees to maximize your distance and the movable weight shifts the center of gravity from the heel to the toe to help adjust your ball’s flight path. The R1 is a classic TaylorMade driver, but it can be frustrating for less experienced golfers who may get overwhelmed with too many options.

TaylorMade R11S

It’s hard to go wrong with a TaylorMade R11S, no matter where you are in your game. It’s still highly adjustable, but only offers 80 different configurations (a little less intimidating than the R1) to get you onto the course faster. You can still adjust the loft, face angle and center of gravity into common settings that work great for most golfers, but won’t be tempted to tweak forever to find your best fit. At a used price point below the classic R1, you may find that losing a few options is well worth the savings.

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2

The thinner, lighter TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 driver may be just what you need to launch balls further down the fairway. With a shaft weight of just 50 grams and large, light-weight club head with 4,100 square millimeters of face area, this club is perfect for casual players and anyone who struggles with an inconsistent swing. By lowering the weight of your club, you may find that you have better control – that translates into more balls dropped exactly where you want them. Like the clubs before it, the RocketBallz Stage 2 features adjustable lofts, but that’s it for quick adjustments on the go.


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