See the Vokey Difference in a Titleist SM5 Wedge

new Titleist wedges

new Titleist wedges

When it comes to golf gear, drivers and putters get all the attention and glory, but there are other clubs in your bag that you simply cannot leave home without. It would be impossible to work your ball around and out of tricky hazards if not for your wedges, yet these clubs never get the attention they deserve. Like any piece of golf equipment, there are wedges that will do the job and there are the wedges that will do it with such style and grace that you wonder if the shot was actually that tricky after all.

The Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge is pure performance on a stick, designed to get any golfer out of the worst rough. Even better, Titleist SM5 wedges are now available on the used market. Used Titleist wedges play just like new ones, but with one distinct difference: price. A new-to-you Vokey sand wedge can make you look like a hero both on and off the green.

The Vokey Wedge Difference

Vokey SM5 wedges are the favorite of professional golfers everywhere, but they’re certainly not clubs limited to the pros. These advanced wedges owe their following to an aggressive design approach based on years of feedback and data from real players. Time and again, players asked for more options and a bigger bite — so that’s what Titleist delivered. The even deeper TX3 grooves create some of the tightest control you’ll see on a wedge today and their increased durability means that you can play more than a few rounds without beating the enhanced face milling down.

When it comes to Vokey SM5 wedges, it can be hard to choose just one. The huge array of bounce and grind options means that no matter how you play, there’s a wedge that’s the perfect compliment to your game. From the L grind, designed for slider swingers playing in firm conditions to the S grind, for sliders and neutral swingers in most conditions, the perfect wedge configuration is already out there hanging on the rack. There’s no need for a custom fit when you’ve got this many choices.

Of course, there’s no better place to find that new wedge than We’ve got a great selection of both new and used Vokey wedges, each backed by our 30 day no-worry returns policy. Getting geared up has never been so easy!

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