Top Golf Gear from the Waste Management Phoenix Open


If you didn’t catch the end of the Waste Management Phoenix Open because of the Super Bowl, you missed a tremendous playoff finish between golf’s two top young players. Rickie Fowler and Hideki Matsuyama battled in a playoff that ended with Matsuyama winning on the fourth hole of sudden death with a par on #17 at TPC Scottsdale. Let’s take a look at the top golf gear Matsuyama used to win the game.

Wedges: Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Precision Forged

There are a few names in golf synonymous with wedges and one of them is Cleveland. And the 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge is the most comprehensive iron to date. At address you’ll see a classic look from the wedge: a straight leading edge, a rounded toe, and a nice tear drop profile.

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Top Golf Gear

Cleveland developed three distinct sole grinds in two different head designs that will optimize your short game. The first head design has a cavity back. This makes the wedge more forgiving and ideal for the player who is improving their game. The second head design is a traditional muscle back blade shape. It’s ideal for a mid-handicap player. There are also three distinct grind options: Low (low bounce grind), Standard (standard bounce grind), and Full (full sole).

The low bounce grind has a slight bounce angle with an aggressive heel and toe grind. This makes it great for firmer conditions. The standard bounce grind has more bounce angle and a graceful trailing edge, perfect for most golfers. The full sole, or high bounce grind, has the most bounce angle which works great in moist conditions or for a player with a steep attack angle. In terms of aesthetics, Cleveland gives you the option of choosing two finishes: Satin and Black Satin.

Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV

The Srixon Z-Star XV is a popular tour-level golf ball in the market. Its Spin Skin covering increases the frictional force when you hit a shot by 18% and the cover softness by 21%. This means you’ll get more spin and a softer feel.

Srixon Z-Star XV Top Golf Gear

With a uniform 324 Dimple Pattern, the Z-Star XV has better surface coverage. As a result, the ball will fly straighter, especially in windy conditions. The golf ball will also hold its trajectory and launch further as well. Its core, or the engine of the ball, is enlarged which helps it pop off the club face and shoot straight down the fairway.

The Z-Star XV has a compression rating of 105 which means it suits a player with tour-level swing speeds greater than 105 mph. You’ll have to achieve over 165 yards carry with a typical 7-iron to get the optimal amount of performance. The golf ball is available in Pure White and Tour Yellow on our website.

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