Top Rated Drivers for Low Handicappers [Buying Guide]

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver

We’ve spent the man hours digging through our website, taking notes, making conference calls, and consulting with the industry experts. After our extensive research, we can now give you the top rated drivers for low handicappers. These sticks feature smaller club heads, bigger sweet spots, and lower spin for increased performance out on the golf course. Designed for the better player, these top rated drivers are the best bargain for your bag. You’ll find out why they’re worth buying and what low price points we’re selling them at.


3 Top Rated Drivers for the Expert Player

Top Rated Driver Titleist 915D3

Titleist 915 D3 Driver


The Titleist 915 D3 produces lower launch and lower spin – exactly what you need if you’re a low handicap player. Suited for the golfer who needs less forgiveness, the driver performs best at faster swing speeds. Since low handicappers have a fast swing speed, Titleist also reduced the size of the club head to 440cc. A small club head means increased aerodynamics. Flexing at impact to launch the ball off of the face, the Active Recoil Channel delivers more distance and higher ball speed. This big wide split evenly spreads the flex on the face creating a spring effect. The center of gravity is also located at the back to give the club additional forgiveness. It’s got a nice black finish with a bit of a sparkle too.

Top Rated Driver Nike Vapor Flex

Nike Vapor Flex Driver


Tech everywhere, fancy colors, and lots of hype define the Nike Vapor Flex driver. Its FlexFlight feature is a pod that allows you to manipulate the center of gravity forward and back. It’s made out of Nike’s RZN material, a lightweight polymer material. A Covert Cavity Back design moves weight toward the heel and toe to increase forgiveness. Stabilizing the chassis and maximizing ball speed is the FlyBeam Structure, Compression Channel, and NexCOR face. You also get adjustability on the hosel of the club with a FlexLoft 2.0 technology that offers 30 different launch options. The driver is jet black with a big Nike Swoosh in the signature Volt color.

Top Rated Driver Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Diamond

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver


With the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond you get the Gravity Core. It’s a weight positioning system so you can move the center of gravity higher or lower depending on what kind of spin you want. If you want more spin, position the Gravity Core with the heavy side up. Alternatively, put the Gravity Core with the heavy side down to produce less spin. R•moto Technology changes the stiffness of the boundary of the face. It actively uses ribs that connect the face and sole and the face and the crown in a discrete fashion. The result is a lighter area on the face which improves ball speed particularly in the areas around the edge of the face. This makes a great driver for the expert player.

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