Top Rated Putters for Women [Buying Guide]

Top Rated Putters

Choosing the right women’s putter starts with finding the right price. Here on, we’ve got a great selection of women’s putters at deeply discounted prices. Also, there is a ton of great technology packed into every putterhead. Let’s take a look at the top 3 you should consider adding to your golf bag.

3 Putters Right for a Lady


Odyssey Divine Line Blade Putter


No one can deny that the Odyssey Divine Line Blade Putter is special. Specifically designed for the ladies, this club has increased headweight and shorter shaft length. A rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a double-bend shaft and full shaft offset delivers outstanding performance on the green. Its Elastomer Core material gets the ball rolling toward the hole while its thin, outer striking surface is stable for a fine-tuned hit off of the face. You’ll like its softer head shape and the putter’s blue/silver accents are appealing to a woman with a sense of style.

Nike Method Core Drone 2.0 Putter


The Nike Method core Drone 2.0 is a putter that combines soft polymer and milled steel grooves to generate faster, more controlled forward roll at impact. It won’t give you backspin or skidding and hopping. A Method Core insert gives you higher MOI for players who want to get the ball rolling fast. The club has a unique W-shape with a white alignment line extended from the face to the back center of the putter. There are non-adjustable weights in the sole to lower the center of gravity. This putter is easy to align and the offset shaft angle gives you confidence so you can deliver the face squarely to the ball.

Cleveland TFi Halo Putter


There’s 25% improvement on alignment with the Cleveland TFi Halo‘s Smart Square Dual Axis Alignment. The squares have two parallel lines to frame the ball at address, as well as two perpendicular lines that provide feedback if the putter is in misalignment. Made out of 17 different components, the putter is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. The club face is constructed out of copper-infused aluminum backed by a copolymer insert. This delivers fantastic feel and forgiveness on off-center hits. On its back is a high-density wing that creates high MOI. It’s just another great feature that gives you much needed forgiveness.

For the most part, there is little difference between a men’s and a women’s putter. Women’s putter may have shorter shaft lengths and feature pastel colors on the grip or putterhead. You should know that these top 3 putters are guaranteed to give you high performance. Just because it’s for a lady doesn’t mean it’s built with inferior technology.

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