Bubba’s Winning Clubs at the Hero World Challenge

Bubba Watson at Hero World Challenge

PING golf clubs fill the winner’s bag this year at the Hero World Challenge. Armed with his arsenal of winning clubs, Bubba Watson delivered a stunning victory to finish three shots ahead at 25-under to claim his ninth PGA Tour win.

So what’s in his bag?

What Bubba Keeps Locked and Loaded

Driver: G30 Driver

Watson used a G30 Driver to bat down the fairway. The standout feature on this club are the turbulators. Located on the head of the driver, turbulators help increase swing speed and as a result, offer added ball speed. The G30 also features a low center of gravity, a thinner club face and a high MOI throughout the club’s weight of any PING product available on the market.

3-Wood: PING G30 3-Wood

The next club in Watson’s bag is the G30 3-wood. Just like the G30 driver, the G30 3-wood also has turbulators. The fairway wood also features an adjustable hosel that allows you to change the loft by +/- 1-degree. PING made the weight slightly larger and this moves the center of gravity further back. This club is all about making the ball go farther and faster.

Iron: PING S55 Iron

Watson has been playing the S55 Iron for quite some time. It has a lower center of gravity by putting the weight down near the sole. A combination of a slightly stronger loft and a lower center of gravity changes the ball flight and makes the club play longer. There’s also more weight in the toe to pull the sweet spot close to the center for correcting off-center hits.

Wedge: PING Glide SS Wedge

PING’s Glide SS Wedge is chrome-plated which gives it a matte silver finish. A Dylawedge grip makes the grip 3/4-inches longer which encourages players to “choke down” on the club for more control. This wedge also thins out toward the head and the hosel. There’s less grab when the ball is sitting down in thick rough so it won’t turn over as easily. Loft-optimized grooves create slightly more spin too.

*The most memorable moment from Bubba is hitting the ball from the hazard up onto the green. See the video below for this amazing shot.*

Putter: PING Milled Anser 1 Putter

Milled from 303 stainless steel, the Anser 1 Putter has subtle features on the top lines, toe weight and the toe radius to help fit any golfer’s style. Subtle milling lines on the heel and toe ballasts prevent glare which is optically appealing. The club features a rainbow-like finish, a design Watson originally saw while visiting PING several years ago. The Anser comes in 7 different hosel designs to fit your specific stroke type.

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