3 Reasons to Try a Wilson Putter

2 views of wilson putter over golf green

2 views of wilson putter over golf green

We sell a lot of golf clubs at 3balls.com, but there are few that are such incredible underdogs that we have to shout their names from the rooftops.

Wilson Sporting Goods is a company better known these days for footballs than for golf clubs, but nonetheless they’ve managed to crank out some killer gear. A modern Wilson putter can keep up with any of the more reputable and expensive putters in golf today, that’s why we enthusiastically encourage you to play one right away.

Here are just three reasons to give a Wilson putter a try:

  1. Incredible Price Point. I don’t care what brand putters you typically play, none of them can match the price point of Wilsons. If you truly want to look at cheap used golf clubs, take a gander at our used offerings — but even brand new, the Wilson 888 Black putters come in at just $38.46, a full $50 less than the next cheapest new putter. For forty bucks, it’s worth giving these game changing putters a chance, especially if you choose a retailer who will allow you to return your putter if you don’t like it.
  2. Sleek Good Looks. Wilson putters are lookers. There are no two ways about it — in a time when putters are getting more dressed up and louder every year, Wilson’s remain quiet and simple. Even the bigger mallets lack the exotic, unbalanced look that other companies are trying to promote. The symmetry and balance of a Wilson make a player feel like there’s no way they can miss with such an easy-swinging choice and basic alignment aids. These clubs are, by pedigree, no muss-no fuss.
  3. Traditional Shape, Modern Performance. The traditional shapes of Wilson putters hide a sinister secret: they’re stuffed full of modern tech. Upgrades like precision dual milling to create a face that’s both smooth and deeply grooved, polymer face inserts for better power transfer and feel and advanced weighting configurations give you the same types of tech as you’ll find in higher end putters across the market. Even devoted players of Cameron putters have been impressed with the tech level in their lowly Wilson counterparts.

Wilson putters are great clubs at a great price, no matter how you look at it — and if you pick up an out of production model or a used putter, you can save even more. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune just to boogie across the dance floor, that’s why we believe everybody should give Wilson a try before selecting their favorite putters. We’ve got plenty of Wilsons in stock at 3balls.com and we’ll happily take your old putters in on trade.

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