Why Buy Cobra Golf Clubs Used?

king cobra golf club

king cobra golf club

Shopping for the right golf equipment can be a trick, especially when what you really need are discount clubs. Luckily, for the hunter of Cobra golf clubs, used is always an option. Even if you’ve been nervous about buying used clubs in the past, there are lots of reasons to choose pre-owned.

Cobra Golf Clubs: More Than Just a Name

This Australian company has made a name for itself by making huge leaps in golf equipment with innovations like Bio Cell technology, a form of weight redistribution that allows for a strong, lightweight and forgiving clubhead. If the tech wasn’t enough, though, Cobra broke the mold by allowing personalization in golf with ever-increasing amounts of color in their clubs — it’s the little things that get a golfer’s attention.

Thanks to their popularity and proliferation, used Cobra golf clubs are easy to find and a great value at discounts of up to 50 percent or more. Whether you’re looking for a previously released club that can’t be bought new any longer or you’re shopping for the right color Bio Cell driver to complement your bag, choosing used means that you’ve got more selection than golfers who stick to new releases.

Used Club Grading Works in Your Favor

There’s a significant difference between buying a new club and buying a used one. Runs of new clubs are spot-checked at the factory for conformation, but they’re not individually checked or played to ensure that each and every bit is attached correctly. Though these types of errors are uncommon, they do happen — and nothing’s more embarrassing than having the head of your driver fly off during your first round of play.

When you buy used from a reputable dealer, you can rest easy knowing that your club was played enough to have the bugs worked out of it (that driver head flew off on someone else’s scorecard). In addition, when a club dealer takes in a used club, they actually take the time to inspect it, top to bottom, in order to give it a correct grading. A like new club is, in many ways, better than one that’s brand new in the box.

Of course, there’s always the question of grading — exactly what are the qualifications for each grade? At 3balls, we make the whole process transparent, by providing solid information like our grading guide for buyers and sellers alike. From Like New to Fair, we spell it out step by step.

Whether you’re shopping for a new club or a used one, 3balls.com has a huge selection of Cobra clubs in our Cobra brand store. Peruse our clubs, and then choose the model and color that’s perfect for your game. Just remember, quantities of used clubs are limited!

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