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What I Learned About Golf Today

  • That a Bullarder is the opposite of a Sandbagger.  I know a few Bullarders.  Now I have a name for them!
  • That the BIGGA is the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the United States’ GCSAA.  It is the association that deals with all matters of golf management from a greenskeeper’s viewpoint.
  • That many golf tournaments that have hole-in-one contests (you win a car or a big check for making a hole-in-one) purchase Hole-In-One Insurance to get reimbursed for the cost of the award in the event that someone actually makes a hole-in-one.  The odds of an amateur making a hole-in-one is about 1 and 12,500.
  • That if you make a hole-in-one on a par 6 (or in two shots on a par 7) you make an “Ostrich”.  It has never happened.
  • That the earliest surviving written rules of golf were produced in 1744.  There were 13 rules and my favorite one is “If a Ball be stopp’d by any Person, Horse, Dog or anything else, The Ball so stop’d must be play’d where it lies”.

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