What’s Great About the TaylorMade RSi Irons

TaylorMade RSI Irons

What’s so great about the TaylorMade RSi Irons? We’re laying it out all for you in this blog post. With these clubs, it’s all about the Face Slot technology. TaylorMade has made a thin, deep undercuts and inverted cone technology to maintain ball speed over the whole face. You’ll see the two slots on the face near the heel and toe. The consistency of the ball speed is increased with its uniform flexion as well. Let’s take a more in depth look at the irons to see their specific features and benefits.

RSi 1 Irons

RSi 1 series irons are great for golfers who suffer from mis-hits. They use Face Slot Technology to help you land on more greens and shoot lower scores. The uniform flexion across the face does a good job of protecting ball speed and generating more consistent shots. The Face Slot technology is featured in the 3-8 iron.

There’s also an improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 iron. This added benefit increases launch angle and ball speed on all shots. The Speed Pocket gives golfers some additional ball speed protection on shots below the center of the face. You’ll experience better performance on mis-hits.

The RSi 1 irons also have a thin face, a deep undercut and Inverted Cone Technology to give golfers face speed for consistence distance on their shots. Sound and feel have been improved with an advanced construction and multiple sound dampening systems.

RSi 2 Irons

RSi series irons feature some of same technology as the RSi 1 irons. They have the Face Slot Technology in the 3-7 irons and the Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 iron. If you compare the RSi 1 to the RSi 2, they look virtually the same to the naked eye. The RSi 2 is marginally smaller by just a little bit but otherwise, there’s very little difference.

What is different is on the backside of the club. The RSi 2 looks classier with simple lines and a stock metal color. The clubs have a chrome finish, a little bit of offset, and a medium topline and sole.

The long irons have tungsten low in the toe for higher launch and more ball speed. The mid irons have a high-strength, thin-face steel construction for high speed and consistency. The short irons have forged carbon steel face with milled grooves for soft feel and control.

RSi TP Irons

Like the RSi 1 and 2 irons, the TP 3-7 iron have the Face Slot Technology which helps you sustain ball speed across a larger portion of the face. They also have the Speed Pocket with Technology for more consistent launch conditions and ball speed protection on shots below the center of the face.

When holding the iron down at address, you won’t see the slots and you’ll notice there’s next to no offset. The look is appealing to many good players because it’s very classic with a compact head and thin topline. When you hit one, the feel off the face is soft and solid.

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