What’s So Special About Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron is as close as you can get to in golf as a rock-star. But instead of playing the game, he builds golf clubs for the pros.

His creations have garnered him a fan following, which like his roster of Tour professionals, are loyal like a cult following. Scotty is primarily known for his putters. Everybody knows you’re referring to the finest putters in the world when you say the name “Scotty Cameron.”

How it All Began

Scotty’s love of golf came from his father, Dunn, who was an accomplished golfer. It all started in their garage workshop in Southern California when Scotty was 11 years-old.

Scotty and his father would tinker with golf clubs in the garage after work. Friends tested their productions and provided feedback. The criticism they received is what drove their innovation.

Dunn’s influence on the young Cameron was prodigious, even if it was short-lived. Dunn suffered a massive heart attack the summer before Scotty’s freshman year of high school. Right before Dunn passed away, he told his son that he had, “a future in the game of golf.”

Inspired by his father’s words, Scotty tried his luck as a golfer in the California mini-tour circuit. He ran into one major problem, though. Scotty struggled with putting. It was when he created his first putter did his confidence increase.

Mixing an eye for the functional and a flair for the beautiful, Cameron’s putters starting gaining substantial buzz in the golf industry throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s. His breakthrough moment came when Bernhard Langer won his second Master’s tournament while wielding a Cameron putter.

Since Langer’s win in 1993, Cameron Golf International has transformed from a garage operation to a multi-million dollar a year business. Scotty doesn’t even have to pay for advertising – audiences see Tour players with his putters on TV Saturday through Sunday.

Scotty’s dominance in the production of putters is undisputed. Out of the last 40 majors played, 15 tournaments had a player with a Scotty Cameron putter in his hands. Scotty has even created custom putters for Tiger Woods, Rory McIlory, and other Tour pros.

Love for his brand is not just reserved for the elite. His impact on amateur golf is nothing short of prolific. Each year at the PGA Show, Scotty is one of the main draws. Fans ask for his autograph, take pictures, and peruse his new line of putters.

In North County San Diego, amateur golfers and Tour pros alike can stop by the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio to see the latest and greatest creations from Scotty’s workshop.

Online, Cameron crazies can buy, sell, and trade Scotty paraphernalia, ranging from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. The Circle T brand of putters, which can be distinguished by its logo of a big C with a T inside of it, are some of the most highly prized collector’s items available on the internet.

Scotty Cameron makes some of the coolest putters around. The fervor for his products, which has held strong for more than a decade, is one of the key forces behind some of the best-selling putters on 3balls.com.

If you’re considering buying a Scotty Cameron putter, then 3balls.com has some of the best options to fulfill your needs. Take a look at the top 3 most popular Scotty Cameron putters on our website.

Top 3 Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter is a highly stable and exceptionally balanced blade putter that glides the ball through every stroke. The milled insert will give you extraordinarily soft feel on the green. The putter does an excellent job of hitting the ball for a perfect second before rolling it perfectly end over end. Classic and modern, its silver mist finish screams luxury while a single black line along the flange helps with alignment.

Notable Features Include:

  • Deep-milled face for soft, solid feel
  • Select weights in the heel and toe for balance and stability
  • Double milled red-dot graphics and double beveled weights for that classic “Scotty” look

Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putter

Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Putter

Create a quality strike with the Scotty Cameron Futura X5 putter. This mallet-style putter gives golfers superb balance and consistent feel due to its stable, forgiving club head. It has two wide prongs called wing backs that help straighten and stabilize your strokes. A brushed silver finish and 303 stainless steel body give the boxy-shaped putter a handsome look.

Notable Features Include:

  • Wing back mallet design for stability
  • Perimeter weighting promotes a back-and-through move
  • Interchangeable 15-gram weights for customization
  • Mid-milled face for soft feel and sound

Scotty Cameron Select Newport M2 Putter

Scotty Cameron Select Newport M2 Putter

Balanced and forgiving, the Scotty Cameron Newport M2 putter delivers terrific output on all types of strokes. The mid-mallet head design is a shape suits the most discerning of players. It sets up easily and delivers automatic putts due to its heavy head and soft face. You can thank its slick look to a face insert which extends to an X-shape on the sole.

Notable Features Include:

  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum inlay with face-sole, pop-through technology
  • Perimeter weighting for high MOI and stability on strokes
  • Vibration dampening systems for responsive feel and feedback


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