Why You Should Buy The Callaway XR in 2016

The Callaway XR: Built for Extra Speed

Are you planning on buying Callaway’s new XR 16 Driver?

Hold on, amigo.

I know what you’re thinking: But I have to buy the latest driver for the best performance!

Not true. Why not get the Callaway XR Driver? It’s a lot less money after all. Like $208 less. There are some minor upgrades to the XR, but are you willing to spend $350 MSRP?

The XR is still a hot commodity and one of the best-selling drivers on the market. It’s fast as hell and packs a mean punch off the tee. Just look:

XR15_2R•MOTO Face Design flexes at impact and saves valuable weight, redistributing it back in the club head.

XR15_3The Speed Step Crown is a double ridge that increases the driver’s aerodynamic qualities and reduces turbulence as the club head swings through the air.

An OptiFit adjustable hosel enables you to change the loft across a range of three degrees and two different face angles.

You see. This club still offers the speed and distance you’re looking for in a Callaway driver. With its race inspired graphics, daring accents, and sophisticated details, you get a stick that embodies precision and performance. Conquer the golf course with this lightning fast driver at a deeply discounted price.

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