Why You Should Buy the TaylorMade M1 Driver

taylormade m1 & m2

taylormade m1 & m2

When the M1 hit the market, TaylorMade claimed it was the longest driver ever manufactured. Now with the M2 out, TaylorMade is making the same claim. They say the M2 is the best club for golfers who want to personalize their unique swing. We get that TaylorMade has invested a great deal of R&D into the M2. But we still like the M1 because of its ability to change the center of gravity. Let’s take a look at the two clubs and see what their differences and similarities are.

A Comparison between the M1 and the M2

The M1 has the same construction as the M2. Portions of the club heads contain multiple materials stressed during play. Made from carbon composite and titanium, the lightweight material frees up mass. The weight redistributes to other, more beneficial locations. The lightweight material also dampens vibrations. It creates a more desirable center of gravity location and moments of inertia.

Having trouble hitting the sweet spot? The M1 has a massive sweet spot which produces high-launch and low-spin ball flight. The M1 has a big hot spot too, albeit not quite the same size as the M2.

Both clubs have internal acoustic engineering to deliver a hot, crisp sound at impact. The first carbon fiber heads produced a dead sound. Structural ribs inside the club head improve sound and feel.

The M1 has a T-Track system with a 15-gram front weight and a 10-gram back weight for multiple draws. Maneuver the front weight to create a draw or a fade. Moving the back weight creates multiple high, medium, and low launch and spin settings.

This time around, the M2 doesn’t have any CG adjustability. Instead it has a Speed Pocket. It’s flexible channel which is a hinge that protects ball speed when hitting balls lower on the face. The Speed Pocket also drops the spin a little bit and creates more distance on off-center hits.

We hate to admit it but to tell you the truth, the M1 is more expensive than the M2. Because of its sliding track design, TaylorMade made the M2 more affordable. The driver offers high MOI with its Inverted Cone Technology and Speed Pocket. Although the M2 is $100 less MSRP, you can get an M1 in ‘very good’ condition off of our 3balls website. We’re proud to offer affordable options on used drivers

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