Are Wilson Putters Right for Your Short Game?

wilson sports company logo

wilson sports company logo

Every once in a while an amazing club comes out of a company that doesn’t get much attention. This is the case with the Wilson putters — from the more traditional style putter to the Wilson mallet putter, these sticks are a favorite of seasoned players everywhere. Despite the lack of a big golf name behind them, there are a lot of reasons to add a member of the Wilson family to your bag.

What’s Up With Wilson Golf Clubs?

There are few who haven’t heard the name Wilson, but it’s not normally in the context of golf. Let’s face it, we’re a little bit snobbish when it comes to our clubs. Wilson is a huge sporting goods company, but honestly, who wants to golf with the same brand that makes their kids’ footballs? If you can put your brand prejudices aside, you’ll be the last one laughing when your buddies dare to mock your Wilson putter.

Wilson 888 Black Putters have the look of very traditional clubs, but what they lack in cosmetics, they make up in tech. The dual milling technology built into their face helps to keep shots straight by imparting a small amount of side spin on heel and toe shots, and the sticky grip keeps your hands in place. This makes it much easier for any player to hit a straight putt.

As if the forgiveness and tacky grip weren’t enough, the thing that really has golfers raving is the feedback of this series. Even on a very soft ball, you’ll know exactly whether you hit your ball on the mark. This may be the reason that the Wilson putters are so addicting, to the point that many players have given up their Camerons in exchange for these inexpensive clubs.

The Wilson Black Club Family Line-Up

Wilson’s Black putter line is made up of nothing but winners. Their anti-glare black finish and bold white alignment aids create high contrast against the green, increasing confidence at any level of play. You’ve got your choice of a traditional heel/toe weighted putter with a plumber hosel (8881), a classic heel-shafted putter with a gooseneck hosel (8882), a heel-shafted, toe-weighted semi-mallet with a gooseneck hosel (8883) or a heel/toe weighted mallet with a plumber hosel (8884).

Although they offer fewer choices than many putter manufacturers, the four models Wilson has in their 888 line should fill the needs of most players. You can find all of these amazing and underpriced clubs at, starting at just $39.95!

Photo credit: Drnantu / Foter / CC BY-SA

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