Golf Clubs for Women: A Look at the Callaway Big Bertha Driver

women's drivers

women's golf drivers

We’ve talked about some mighty fine drivers on our blog, but none have the pedigree to match the Callaway Big Bertha driver. Not only was it a big hit with the guys, the re-release proved that even women’s drivers can generate a big buzz. This is one of the Callaway drivers released for both genders, but definitely geared toward ladies and slower swinging players. It’s exactly what’s right if you’re looking at golf clubs for women golfers.

Keeping it Light and Fast

Big Bertha, despite her name, is all about keeping the weight down and the speed up. She was built from the ground up to absolutely smash the ball off the tee, no matter what your swing speed might be. With a swing weight rating of C9 for the ladies and D2 for the men, neither gender is a heavyweight.

A lot of that speed comes from the big, lightweight clubhead. Callaway has moved the bulk of the weight where it’s most useful: the back edge. Depending on how you configure your sliding perimeter weight, you can better focus on drawing or fading, or simply let Bertha help compensate for your nasty slice.

The patented HyperSpeed Face dropped the weight of this driver another 10 percent without sacrificing forgiveness. That wide face is forgiving enough to bring most mishits into a tight shot pattern, and it flexes enough to create a robust trampoline effect, transferring even more power to the backside of your ball without creating too much spin.

The Women’s Callaway Big Bertha driver is available in 9, 10.5 and 13.5 degree lofts, with an adjustable hosel that can increase loft up to two degrees or decrease it by one degree to give players an even better fit. A Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shaft comes standard on the women’s model, adding only 50 grams of weight to the party.

Testers and players alike say that this club is every bit as long and hot as her classic ancestors, but it might not be for everybody. Advanced shot shaping can be more difficult than with other drivers, but that’s not really what Big Bertha’s about. She’s a game improvement driver, heart and soul. If you’re mostly playing on the weekends with your friends or after work to blow off some steam, Bertha packs a whallop.

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