Workouts for Golfers: Boosting Power

Golf workouts to build strength

Golf Workouts to Build Strength

Bad weather or a tight schedule is no excuse to neglect your golf game — luckily, you can do a lot to improve your swing by adding a few simple exercises to your daily routine.  Building muscle throughout your core improves your swing speed and helps you develop a more consistent swing path.  Add some of these simple moves to workouts for golfers to boost your power:

30-Second Speed Drill

Hold your hands out in front of you at shoulder height.  Open and close your hands as quickly as you can for 30 seconds.  Rest for one minute, then repeat three more times.

Chair Dip

Stand with your back to a chair or table.  Grasp the chair or table with your hands and move your feet away until your knees are straight.  Lower your body with your arms and push back into the starting position with elbows straight.

Doorway Stretch

Place your hands at eye level on either side of a doorway.  Slowly lean forward until you can just feel your chest muscles stretching.  Hold for at least 20 seconds and repeat three times.

Golf Squat

Hold a 10 pound dumbbell vertically with a hand over hand grip while standing up straight, your feet should be just more than shoulder-width apart.  Lower to a squat and hold, then rise while twisting your hips to the right, bending your elbows and raising the weight over your left shoulder.  Return to a stand and repeat with the opposite side.


Hold two lightweight dumbbells in your arms, straight out from your body with your arms in a v-formation.  Lift the dumbbells to eye level with your thumbs pointed up, then lower them back to the starting position.

Single Leg Rotation

Stand like you would at the tee, with your arms in front of you holding an imaginary club.  Raise one leg off the floor, then rotate your torso through your swing.  Change legs and repeat.

Wrist Extension

Grab a lightweight dumbbell with one hand.  Sit in a chair with your forearm resting on your leg and your palm facing down.  Extend your wrist upward and hold before returning it to the original position.  Repeat with the other wrist.

Workouts for golfers don’t have to be long, boring or difficult, just focus on building strength in your arms, wrists and your core and you’ll be hitting longer drives in no time.  When you’re ready to swap that driver out for club more fitting your new swing, take a look at our huge selection at — we’ll even take your old driver as a trade-in!

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