2014’s Best Ladies Golf Drivers

Woman with a Driver

Sunny days and rolling greens aren’t the sole domain of the guys anymore. A lot of women play golf, but fewer major golf publications bother to review the clubs designed for them. These clubs aren’t men’s clubs painted pink. They’re actually engineered to work better with a woman’s frame, height and average slower swing speed. We don’t have space enough to cover all the best ladies’ drivers from 2014, but here are a few of our favorites.

Callaway Big Bertha.  Women looking for perimeter-weighted adjustable drivers need look no further. The Big Bertha series by Callaway is the perfect choice. These big clubs allow you to adjust both your perimeter weights and loft to fine tune your game. The giant, lightweight club head doesn’t hurt a player’s confidence, either. These are just a few of the features that made the Big Bertha a shoe-in for the 2014 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal.

Cobra Bio Cell.  The bigger sweet spot and adjustable hosel, coupled with a sole plate designed to keep the clubface square at address. This is reason enough to keep a Cobra Women’s Bio Cell Driver in your bag. Add in the colorful club head and grip options and solid titanium construction and you’ve got a driver that is both beautiful and long.

Ping Serene.  Serene is one of Ping’s Women’s series, designed from the ground up to enhance a female golfer’s swing. Although there’s nothing adjustable about it, the Serene driver makes up for that. It has forgiveness and distance with weight reductions across the clubhead and shaft. Swing away with the Ping Serene driver for longer and straighter balls with no hassles.

TaylorMade SLDR.  Both players who tend to fade and draw will find equal love for the Taylormade Women’s SLDR driver. The sliding weight on the club sole allows you to switch between toe-weighting and heel-weighting on the fly. And the simple crown graphics make it easy to hit the ball square every time. Also, the SLDR comes with an adjustable hosel so you can tweak your loft on demand.

No matter who you are, a sunny day deserves a round of golf.  Women are no longer stuck playing with cut-off versions of men’s clubs. They get plenty of opportunities for those low-scoring rounds that remind us all how fun the game can be. When you’re playing with some of 2014’s best ladies’ drivers, you may never want to leave the course.

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