Best Hybrids of 2015 for Lefties

Best Hybrids

Maybe you’re thinking about replacing an iron with a hybrid. It could be that you’re just not hitting your 3-iron well anymore. Out of all the clubs available in the market, we’ve compiled a 2015 list of the best hybrids for lefties.

3 Top 2015 Best Hybrids for Your Golf Bag

Titleist 913H Men’s Left Handed Hybrid.

The Titleist 913H is one of the best hybrids that come from the 913 family lineup range of clubs. Once you give it a hit, you’ll feel how solid it is. The performance is tried-and-true and it has a cosmetically pleasing look. Here are some of the features you get:

  • SureFit SFT hosel adjustment, change the lie and loft independently
  • Lower CG for increased distance
  • Interchangeable SFT flat weight

TaylorMade SLDR Rescue Men’s Left Handed Hybrid.

The SLDR Rescue proves that smaller is better. Once you hit the ball of the tee you’ll experience an explosive feel. It’s a very powerful club which is designed to prevent bad lies and makes the ball shoot like a rocket. A charcoal gray crown and titanium steel face give it a traditional look. What’s new with this hybrid?

  • Speed pocket = bigger sweet spot
  • Forward head weight = faster ball speed, lower spin
  • +/- 1.5-degree loft change

TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue Men’s Left Handed Hybrid.

Out of the best hybrids list, this club is for you if you’re looking for distance. It gives a very distinctive sound that is a little on the hollow side, but still pleasing enough. The AeroBurner hybrid doesn’t offer any adjustability like its counterparts and we’re positive it’s not an issue. A new matte white finish and black PVD face with red accents give it a distinctive look. Some other features include:

  • Aerodynamic shallow face, raised center crown & hosel fin
  • Slot behind the face lowers spin & produces a lot of ball speed
  • Deeper, shallower head than its R15 counterpart

The beauty of a hybrid is that it puts players into a situation where they’re going to get greater loft, more carry, greater control and a better chance to execute an excellent swing. And that’s huge. The world is gravitating toward hybrids because of their versatility. Hybrids can be used off of the tee and on the fairway too. A hybrid is like having four clubs in one.

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