3 Reasons You Should Play Cleveland’s Classic XL Fairway Series

golf fairway with green grass and trees

golf fairway with green grass and trees

We’d all love to be the kind of golfer that launches the ball so far that we can basically ignore the fairway, but the truth of the matter is that most of us aren’t. Luckily, we can make up for being less than superhuman when we’re buying golf clubs since plenty are designed to compensate for our shortcomings, whatever they may be. Cleveland’s Classic XL fairway series, for example, were made to correct a number of your golfing ills, here are three reasons to try them out today:

Those Clean, Classic Looks

Cleveland Classic XL fairways are nothing if they aren’t lookers. Some golfers have accused the sleek black finish and single sight dot design being a gimmick to bring in players who were looking for a throwback-styled fairway. They may be dark and mysterious, but there’s nothing in the smooth contours and glossy finish of this club that’s meant to be a smokescreen.

They’re Explosive Off the Tee or the Deck

There are some fairways that kill it off the tee — and they’re precious gems, but often what you trade for that level of flexibility is the ability to really crush a ball from the deck. Not so with the Cleveland Classic XL fairways — the extra heft in their heads and smooth, flat sole give them the oomph to push through grass short and tall and deliver more energy to the ball. It also doesn’t hurt that these fairways boast some of the biggest faces available in golf — it’s hard to mishit with such a large sweet spot.

Incredibly Predictable Play

This is perhaps the most important reason to pick up a Cleveland Classic XL fairway: the play is incredibly boring. You’ll have no unpredictable slices, no trouble in the rough or anywhere else, really. In fact, you’ll be playing with one of the longest, most forgiving and most underrated fairway series in the game. If you’re a player who likes their ball to drop exactly where they meant to put it, this fairway is definitely for you.

If your fairways don’t make you feel like a hero every time you’re playing off the deck, it’s time to trade them in on a set of Cleveland Classic XLs. We’ll happily take your gently used equipment in and trade toward your new favorite Cleveland fairways. Check out our huge selection of new and gently used clubs at 3balls.com today for awesome deals on everything you need to improve your game.

Photo credit: Vince Viloria / Foter / CC BY-SA

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