3 Recommended Used Callaway Hybrids

Callaway golf clubs to purchase

Callaway golf clubs to purchase

If you’re looking for a versatile club for general play, you can’t get better than a hybrid club. These relative newcomers to the golf world combine features of irons and woods to create a club friendly to the most causal golfer – the higher lofts of these clubs make hitting the ball easier and the shorter shaft lengths ensure you are in better control of the clubhead. There are lots of used hybrids available, but you can’t go wrong with any of the Callaway hybrids. We’ve broken down some of our favorite features of three of the top used Callaway hybrids on the market.

Callaway Diablo Edge

A 2011 Golf Digest Gold Award winner, the Diablo Edge hybrid was a club designed with the casual golfer in mind. The club’s crown was made thinner to lower the center of gravity and move it closer to the ball to send shots higher and farther while adding enough spin for a gentle landing. The sole was reshaped to create a club that didn’t mind to play in the dirt or the rough, creating a really fantastic hybrid that came with loft angles ranging from 21 to 27 degrees and standard shaft lengths between 37.75 and 39.25 inches.

Callaway RAZR X Hybrid

The RAZR X was an improvement on the Diablo Edge – just like the hybrid before it, the RAZR X was a 2012 Golf Digest Gold Award winner. Callaway introduced stainless steel with this hybrid club and reduced the face thickness by 20 percent, but otherwise left the technology alone. Like the Diablo Edge, the RAZR will add plenty of distance to your game. It appeared with lofts between 21 and 30 degrees and slightly longer shaft lengths between 38 and 40.25 inches.

Callaway X Hot Hybrids

Callaway X Hot Golf ClubX Hot Hybrids were hot in 2013, winning another Golf Digest Gold Award for Callaway. Along with a new look, these hybrids got an even thinner face, losing 15 percent more material over the RAZR’s already waif-like clubface. They’re fitted with the newer Warbird soles to increase performance no matter where you find your ball. The graphite shafts further lighten the club’s weight to maximize swing speed. Lofts between 19 and 28 degrees are available with shaft lengths of 38.5 to 40.75 inches and in the standard three shaft flexes.

Your budget may dictate which of the Callaway hybrids makes the most sense for your game, but you can’t go wrong with any of the hybrids from the last several years. The Diablo Edge was a game-changer and the clubs that have followed are improvements on an already awesome hybrid design.

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