3 Top Clubs for the High Handicapper

high handicapper

Golf can be a hard game! Luckily there is equipment out there designed to help out struggling golfers. These 3 clubs are specifically made for the high handicapper.


ping g30 sf tec

A common miss with a driver for a right-handed high handicapper is to the right (or to the left for a lefty). To help with this, a driver with draw bias is the key. A top contender in this category is the Ping G30 SF Tec driver. The G30 series is regarded as one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. The SF Tec version adds a draw bias to the equation. The driver also features a large sweet spot. The crown of the club has aerodynamic “turbulators,” which allow you to swing the club faster. Swinging faster gives you more distance.

Iron Set

adams idea hybrid iron set

High handicappers generally need help getting the ball in the air. The Adams Idea Hybrid iron set is one of the best examples of this. The set is a mixture of hybrid long irons, what Adams calls Hybirons in the middle, and cavity back short irons. All of the clubs feature a slot on the sole. This slot flexes at impact to produce more ball speed. The Hybirons also feature slots that wrap around the clubface, with the same effect on the golf ball. The clubs all have a center of gravity that is low and back to produce a higher ball flight. The width and thickness of the clubhead help shots struck on the heel or toe go farther. Finally, the irons have offset. This means the leading edge of the club is behind the shaft, allowing the clubface more time to square up at impact. In other words, the offset helps produce straighter shots.


daddy long legs 2.0 putter

Mallets are more forgiving than the “blade” putters mainly because of their size. The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0, a mallet style putter, has more weight towards the heel and toe. Should a high handicapper make contact in either spot, the extra weight provides less distance loss. The 38-inch, counter-balance version of this putter provides more forgiveness. In this version, more weight is placed in the grip of the club. This feature keeps the hands of the user steadier through the stroke. The result is keeping the clubface straighter at impact more often. Another benefit of the Daddy Long Legs 2.0 is how easy the club is to align with the target. Starting the ball at the target will help make more putts.


Did you notice a theme with these top clubs for high handicappers? They all have large, forgiving heads that create ball speed and aid in accuracy. These are all things the high handicapper needs help with.

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