3 Ways NOT To Deal With A Slow Moving Group

slow moving group

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon. The sun is out, the wind is calm, and the temperature is just right. What better place to be than on the golf course? Pulling into the local course, you notice the parking lot is full! Why wouldn’t it be on such a glorious day? Not to worry, though. You are together with your buddies and playing golf. After a couple holes, your group catches up to a slow moving group. The situation is common and can be extremely frustrating. How can you get around them? Here are three ways NOT to handle this situation.

Hit into the Slow Moving Group


Hitting into the group in front of you is not only frowned upon, it can be downright dangerous. Unsuspecting golfers could get hit with the ball, causing an injury or worse. The situation could also lead to legal action against you.

Distract their game

homer simpson airhorn

You may think that distracting their game is the best revenge for their slow play. You crank up the tunes, yell loudly at them, or blast an air horn (cause why wouldn’t you carry one of those in your bag) to mess up their shot. However, this does nothing to aid your cause. The group plays even slower because they are taking more shots due to the distractions. Anger level rises and frustrations mount until you get to the final no-no.

Fight the Slow Moving Group


Fighting the group is not the way to handle it either. As mentioned with hitting into the group, legal actions could result in resorting to fisticuffs. Bruises, black eyes, and broken bones are all real possibilities when you decide to fight. The plan could also backfire and instead of delivering a beating, you end up on the receiving end. Can’t we all just get along?

The Better Way to Handle It

Have patience when it comes to a slow moving group in front of you. If you need to get by, you can skip a couple shots and drive past them to the next tee. You may also ask them if it’s alright to play through. Ultimately, you are on the course to enjoy yourself, the time with friends, and being outside. Avoid handling the situation with the 3 methods above and your enjoyment will increase.

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