3 Ways to Achieve Mental Mastery of the Game

Golf Mastery

Golf Mastery

Anyone who has played but one round of golf understands that a large portion of the game is mental as opposed to physical. While conditioning your body to play golf well or choosing the best golf clubs is critical to a low score, it’s just as important to condition your mind and put yourself in a winning headspace. Here are 3 ways to achieve mental mastery of the game you love.

1. Exercise Patience

Patience is key in golf, especially during a tournament. While some golfers get the itch to go for a more aggressive play, this could easily land your ball in the rough, costing you a low score. When lining up for the swing or the putt, don’t be afraid to take your time. Line up your body properly, line up your shot properly, and breathe in and out a few times before you swing. Be patient and avoid getting flustered. In the game of golf, slow and steady wins the race. Even if you always go for the more conservative shot, you’ll still come out ahead.

2. Know How You Like to Play Golf

Understanding your unique approach to the game is another important part of playing it well. Golfers enjoy talking to other golfers or their caddies, or just socializing on the green in general. Other golfers are quiet, staying focused and close to themselves. They avoid talking to others, and may even talk to themselves from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, until you force yourself out of your comfort zone because it’s something you think you “should” be doing. You don’t have to talk to other people if you’d rather be quiet, and you don’t have to be quiet if you really enjoy socializing with others who are as passionate about the game as you are. Find your golf groove and own it.

3. Let the Golf Course Give You Peace

Getting stressed out on the golf course and thinking “what if, what if” is one of the fastest ways to ensure you play terribly. Golf is a game of love, and no one plays golf for the money or fame. They play golf because they truly and honestly love the sport. This is what you need to focus on when you get on the green. Don’t worry about what might happen if you miss a shot, or how your score will creep up if you don’t sink a ball in a single putt. Instead, focus on enjoying the game. Let the golf course give you peace and let your game be what it will be.

When you focus on the mental aspect of golf as much as the physical, you’ll notice that your golf game becomes inherently better and that you enjoy the sport even more. By utilizing these three simple tips and achieving the mental mastery of golf, you can bring your game to a whole new level.

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