7 Golf Etiquette Tips To Follow On The Green

golf etiquette tips

Golf, like all sports, is a game that’s played with rules players must abide by during the round. However, while on the course, there are also points of etiquette each golfer is encouraged to use. Here is a list of a 7 golf etiquette tips for when you’re on the green.

Golf Etiquette Tips

  1. When walking onto the green, inspect the green for any pitch marks your ball might have left on the approach shot. It’s also a good rule of thumb (and good karma) to fix any other pitch marks you see too.
  2. Avoid stepping in your playing partner’s line. This line is the imaginary line that connects the player’s ball to the hole. Doing so can affect their putt.
  3. After you have inspected the green for any pitch marks, mark your golf ball, standing behind the ball facing the hole. Here are just a few examples of things you can use to mark your ball:
    • Small plastic marker
    • Coin
    • Poker chip
  4. If after marking your ball you notice that it’s in you’re playing partners line, you can easily move it out of the way. Start by placing your putter down at a 90-degree angle with the heel touching your marker. Then, move the marker from the heel to the toe of your putter. Reverse the procedure to return the ball to its original position.
  5. Usually, the player who is closest to the hole is responsible for tending the flag, or removing it from the hole, before putting. It’s wise to place the flag where it won’t t interfere with putting. Placing the flag off the green on the fringe is a good example. Besides being out of the way, it also ensures the green isn’t damaged when putting the flag down.
  6. While on the green, refrain from standing where it might be distracting to your playing partner. It’s best to stand still and try not to make any noise.
  7. As you walk around the green, make sure you aren’t dragging your feet. The marks left behind will damage the green, causing more work for the groundskeeper.

These golf etiquette tips are some suggestions for your next round of golf. However, practicing these every time you’re on the course will help the round run smoother and keep your golf course in good condition.

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