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Top Eight Clubs of 2015

We’ve put together a list of the 8 top clubs that received the most wins on the PGA Tour. Every year releases the Driver Derby. It’s a long list of which drivers and putters received the most victories among golf’s elite players. We’ve whittled this list down to what we think are the best clubs you should consider adding to your golf bag.

8 Top Clubs to Remember from the PGA Tour

TaylorMade R15

1. TaylorMade R15

Winning the most out of any driver in’s Driver Derby wrap-up is the TaylorMade R15. The R15 is a celebration of all TaylorMade driver technology.

Two sliding weights on the back of the club move to a variety of positions and promote a draw or fade. Moving the weights to the outside of the track gives you the greatest amount of desirable forgiveness.

Also, an adjustable hosel allows you to change the loft. An inverted cone behind the face of the club helps boost ball speeds on hits near the heel and toe. And the club’s weight is lower and more forward than any of its predecessors.

Because of its sliding track, a lot of tour players have been smashing balls out down the fairway. Once you hit the ball off of the tee you’ll see how far it flies straight and true.

Titleist 915D2 Driver

2. Titleist 915D2

The most prominent feature on the Titleist 915D2 is the Active Recoil Channel (ARC). It’s long, wide and deep and sits in an ideal position close to the club face. It has a few benefits for players.

The ARC takes away some spin by flexing in conjunction with the crown which in turn propels the ball forward creating more speed. Knocking off a little bit of spin is definitely a good effect. The ARC gives players the ability to gain some yardage without affecting launch angle.

Unfortunately, the ARC does affect MOI and to compensate for this Titleist pushed every gram of weight to the back of the club. This increases the club’s MOI properties and forgiveness on off-center hits. Designed for increased performance, the 915 is an excellent driver for the serious golfer.

Callaway Great Big Bertha

3. Callaway Great Big Bertha

The Great Big Bertha is a monster gaming club for the PGA Tour professional. It’s a friendly driver for a beginner too. The composite 460cc head and Hyper Speed face look good out on the golf course.

The most talked about feature of the Great Big Bertha is its sliding bar and adjustable weights. Just like the 915, these sliding weights move your shots into a draw or fade.

You also get an adjustable hosel. This manipulates the way the ball flies through the air by changing the lie and loft. And there’s adjustability in the heel. The heavier weight in this section helps with the face’s orientation through impact.

This is a classic Callaway club. You’ll enjoy how fast and hot the ball flies off of the face.

Ping G30 Driver

4. PING G30

The PING G30 has fancy little raised ridges on the crown called turbulators. Turbulators are aerodynamic fins that smooth airflow over the top of the club. This increases club head speed during your swing. When you’re looking down at it, you’ll see aggressive, sporty-looking fins.

PING also moved the center of gravity toward the back of the head unlike other manufacturers. The reason for this is to decrease MOI and reduce twist.

With increased club head speed, this club suits golfers who want to hit the fairway while increasing distance. This driver is a favorite for PGA Tour professionals like Bubba Watson. It’s also an acceptable beginner’s club as well.

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver

5. COBRA Fly-Z+

The COBRA Fly-Z+ driver features new ‘FLIPZONE’ weighting technology. This feature allows you to change the center of gravity. Moving the 18-gram weight to the front delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll. Positioning it in the back gives you a more towering ball flight with more carry.

On the front you’ll see the Speed Channel which surrounds the face like a shallow trench. The Speed Channel helps ball speed when you’re hitting a shot.

The golf club offers a vast array of adjustability. It changes from 8.5 degrees all the way up to 11.5 degrees mixed in with a few draw settings as well. You also get the Smart Pad which creates a square face so it doesn’t look like the club has twisted in any way at address.

It has an attractive 460cc composite glossy head. A sleek white line around the edge adds a sophisticated, modern look. It’s no wonder the Fly-Z+ is a favorite for PGA Tour professionals.

Nike Vapor Pro Driver

6. NIKE Vapor Pro

The NIKE Vapor Pro comes in a stunning black and electric green color called ‘Volt.’ Some of the enhancements NIKE has made to the Vapor Pro include:

  • A reinforced back cavity with FlyBeam technology.
  • A compression channel and a NexCOR face.

Its low and forward center of gravity produces lower launch and spin. And the Covert Cavity Back design spreads weight toward the heel and toe to maximize forgiveness. It has a small, pear-shaped head preferred by tour athletes.

The Vapor Pro is an elitist club meant for more mature, professional players (sorry newbies).  You’ve likely seen it played by Rory McIlory.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2

7. Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is the most classic design you’ll ever find in a putter. You get a lot of subtle differences that make this putter stand out from the crowd.

There’s a precision milled face and head with unbeatable sharp lines. At the sole of the club are two factory set weights. You can order custom weights depending on how heavy you want the club to be.

The high end cost of a Scotty Cameron putter means you’re paying for precision and clean, sharp lines. Its astonishing good looks are breathtaking. The Newport looks gorgeous with its red-dot graphics and 303 stainless steel finish.

This club is one of the best putters selected by PGA Tour professionals. The Newport 2 is top-end, top-proven and one of the most beautiful putters available on the market.

PING Milled Anser

8. PING Milled Anser

PING’s Anser series is a popular range of putters released by PING in the middle of the 20th century. There’s a lot of details in the PING Milled Anser.

The putter is machined out of 303 stainless steel.  It’s beautiful because of its satin nickel finish and small milling lines. These careful design details frame the ball when at address.

PING has reclaimed all the unique details put into the original Anser series. It’s hard to say no to its nice, soft feel when putting on the green.

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