A Review of Vokey Wedges

Swinging with golf wedge

Swinging with golf wedge

Few clubs in your arsenal will ever be as important to you as your wedge. Sure, you drive for dough and putt for show, but your wedges are you saving grace from closer distances, green side bunkers, and the ever daring flop shots. When making the all-important choice of a wedges, simplicity, control and backspin are the most important characteristics to keep in mind – Vokey wedges by Titleist never fail to deliver. There’s a reason they’re the most frequently used wedges on the PGA Tour.

Vokey Wedge Features

Titleist Vokey Wedge Chrome SeriesVokey wedges have a classic look and a square leading edge that makes lining up shots a breeze. Unlike wedges with innovative shaping, the classic square leading edge gives a player the confidence to adjust the angle of their shot to better match the conditions where they find their ball. This may seem like small potatoes, but when digging out of the sand, being able to pop the ball up high enough to escape the trap is vital.

To achieve a high level of backspin, Vokey wedges have precisely milled faces with a pattern that looks almost like corduroy. The purpose of this is to create a high amount of friction between the club head and the ball, in order to generate more spin and lower the trajectory of the ball, resulting in better control and more distance.

The other big thing about Vokey wedges are the grooves. A high amount of groove volume will give sand, grass and dirt somewhere to go when you take a swing, reducing the impact of foreign materials on your swing. Vokey wedges have 17 deep and sharp grooves, so there’s always somewhere for all the mess to go when you’re playing in difficult areas.

Putting it All Together

Although Vokey wedges seem simple enough, they were designed with the most sophisticated golfers in the world in mind. There’s a beauty here that simply cannot be ignored – they are truly a less is more kind of wedge. Vokey wedges provide players with a predictable and easily controlled shot, in a wide range of conditions. They’re perfect for those shorter shots, where precision is key.

For players new to Titleist Vokey wedges, there may be a learning curve, since the sweet spot can be elusive at first. They also tend to eat balls, especially those with softer covers – be prepared to replace your balls more often, especially if you tend to hit full shots with your wedge. Ultimately, though, most players who have played the Titleist Vokey wedges don’t ever go back.


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