You Should Add SM5 Wedges to Your Titleist Irons Set

Titleist SM5 Wedge

Titlist SM5 Wedge

Golfers everywhere know that the best club is the one that makes you feel like a million bucks.  After all, confidence is key in this sport.  If you’ve not added Vokey SM5 wedges to your Titleist irons yet, there are plenty of reasons to consider making the change.  Vokey wedges were designed to complement these basic irons sets, with features that will make it feel like your AP1s, AP2s, CBs or MBs were always missing a little something.

The Truth About Wedges

There’s no particular reason to match your wedges to your irons — after all, as long as you can get yourself out of the sand and the rough, you’ve pretty much got a handle on things.  However, when you match up wedges with irons from the same manufacturer, it creates a sort of continuity in feel and performance that can make mastering both sets a little bit simpler.

Titleist SM5 wedges are incredible instruments that can completely change your plan of attack from one of avoidance of the hazards to one that allows for strategic visits to the beach and the rough.  When you’re certain you’ll be able to get yourself out of trouble, riskier moves aren’t all that risky after all.

Like your well-loved Titleist irons, your Vokey Titleist wedges are crafted by engineers that eat, breathe and live the game of golf.  That’s why the SM5s were upgraded to feature more durable grooves, more spin and a huge variety of bounce and sole grind combinations.  In fact, with six sole grinds available, players with every type of swing can create a custom-balanced wedge set without compromising loft or grind.

Those bigger grooves are configured to reduce the chance of flyers from the rough with deeper and narrower cuts in the 46 to 54 degree wedges, which deliver better control of distance and trajectory.  The higher degree wedges feature grooves that are just as wide as previous models, but much deeper, creating a face that adds up to 400 rpm of spin to those trickier shots.

Even if you’re not ready to upgrade your wedges, we’ve got lots of used Titleist irons for sale at  Not only will you benefit from owning gear created by some of the best minds in golf, you’ll be sure to save lots of money on those gently used clubs.  Check out our golf gear and consider trading in your old set of irons or wedges for some that can really set your game on fire.

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