Adding the Titleist 913H Hybrid to Your Bag

titleist 913h hybrid golf club swing

titleist 913h hybrid golf club swing

There’s a lot of talk out there about hybrid clubs and everybody seems to have something to say. Purists still cling to the notion that hybrids are only for beginners who can’t hit an iron from the rough, but even pros like K. J. Choi, an eight-time PGA Tour winner, have a hybrid or two stashed in their bags. Titleist listened to the needs of these professionals and released the 913H Hybrid, a companion to the 913 Titleist drivers. Like the much more famous drivers, Titleist hybrids are designed with better players in mind.

What Titleist Hybrids Bring to Golf

Hybrid golf clubs were born on the marriage of woods and irons, creating a club that seemed to work almost anywhere on the course. Hybrids are still fairly new to the game, so there are a number of different styles still floating around. The Titleist 913H Hybrid is of the sort that favors the woods in appearance and behavior — the deeper head helps to prevent serious penalties from mishits, but it can be difficult to work in tight spaces.

Hybrids like the 913H have caught on with golfers because, let’s face it, taking a proper divot with an iron is an art that few have mastered. Of course, some golfers can manage it, but for the rest of us, digging in the dirt before making contact with the ball is more often the norm. This style of hybrid skids over the grass, instead of digging in like an iron, while still providing a great deal of lift for the ball. That’s good for most players, even the pros.

Everybody wants to put more power behind the ball and get it moving faster down the course — there’s not a golfer out there who begs to tear up the rough trying to free themselves. That’s what a wood-style hybrid offers players of every skill level. They’re legal according to the Rules of Golf and they’re played on Tour, that should be enough to validate hybrids for all but the most hard-nosed traditionalist.

Choosing Your Titleist 913H Hybrids

The Titleist 913H Hybrid comes in a variety of lofts, so they cover a lot of territory, whether you want to replace your irons or just supplement them. The lowest loft is 17 degrees, and from there you can get a 19 degree, 21 degree, 24 degree or 27 degree club. The loft you need will depend on the iron you’re replacing — in general, the same loft of hybrid will get you more distance and be much more forgiving than the corresponding iron.

The Titleist 913H Hybrids are must-have clubs for any golfer, but they’re especially handy if you’re weak with your long irons. You’ll find the 913H among the many hybrids available at, stop by today and take a look.

Photo credit: Brian Patrick Photography / Foter / CC BY

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