What are the Advantages of Pre-Owned Titleist Golf Clubs?

Titleist pre-owned golf clubs

Titleist pre-owned golf clubs

There was a time when buying used golf clubs came with more unknowns and many buyers were reluctant to buy second hand equipment. However, times have changed, and the technological strides the big club manufacturers are making have redefined the way that we buy golf clubs today. Because most new club models are released yearly (and sometimes even more often), with only minor tweaks to improve playability between models, there has never been a better time to buy pre-owned golf clubs. Titleist is known for producing quality and durable products with longer life cycles than some of their competitors, so purchasing used Titleist is something that can always be done with confidence especially from reputable retailers.

Used Clubs Are Carefully Inspected

More and more players are finding out that they can save a bundle when they trade in their gently used clubs for the latest technology. When you buy these traded-in clubs from reputable sporting good shops, pro shops or other retailers that specialize in golf clubs, you can be sure that they’ve been carefully inspected and graded in order to determine their value. Any defects will be noted so you can make the best decision and reputable retailers will sometimes offer a guarantee/return policy to ensure that you’ve got the clubs that you really want.

Not only will your new pre-owned clubs be tested and checked by professionals, any problems they might have had initially, such as loose club heads or other manufacturer defects, will have been worked out and corrected by their previous owners. A few light scuff marks are a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of breaking in a club that you may only play with once in a while.

Update Your Club Technology for a Fraction of the Price

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New clubs are nice, especially when they come with all the bells and whistles, but gently used clubs that are only a year or two old have most of the same technology, but at a significant discount. The fact of the matter is that most new club releases are small adjustments to a greater design. Newer releases may have a slightly stiffer shaft, larger head or modified center of gravity, but these changes are usually made gradually, over a series of releases.

For example, the Titleist 913D Driver has dial-in settings, but the 910D Driver is also adjustable, but using a different mechanism. According to PGA.com’s Value Guide, the 910D Driver has a trade-in value of just over a third of the trade-in value of the newer 913D Driver, but for the beginning or casual golfer the modifications may not make a world of difference for your game (learn more about this here). This kind of savings allows you to play on the weekends with better clubs and more advanced technology without trying to justify the expense of buying new.

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