Background of the TaylorMade ATV Wedges

ATV TaylorMade Wedges

ATV TaylorMade WedgesMany golf experts will say that the putter is the most important club in the bag. Others say it’s the driver. However, there’s an argument for the wedge. Even the top professional golfers on average only hit 12 or 13 greens in regulation per round. Amateur golfers do well to hit 8 or 9 greens in regulation.

A big key to being a great putter is being a great wedge player. Golfers who get up and down regularly are always excellent with their wedges and regularly leave themselves short putts. And lower handicap golfers are extremely serious about their choice of wedge. A good option? The TaylorMade ATV Wedges. ATV stands for All-Terrain Versatility, and they mean it.

TaylorMade created the wedge to handle a wide variety of wedge shots from a wide range of lies, swing types, and course conditions.

With the TaylorMade ATV Wedges, you’re fully equipped to hit every type of short distance shot from any lie. Fluffy sand. Hardpan. Perfect turf. Imperfect turf. Sand-filled divots. And more.

The key to the TaylorMade ATV Wedges is the new ATV sole. TaylorMade club designers asked themselves a simple question: “How can we create a wedge that excels from every single surface — from sand to concrete-hard compacted turf?” The designers relied heavily on technology and computer modeling.

But here’s where the club is truly innovative: there’s no bounce number. And each of the ATV wedges differ slightly based on the club’s loft. The sole of the ATV is totally unique: it’s convex, bowing inward instead of outward with relief at the heel and toe. The club provides optimum bounce, depending on how much it’s opened or closed. With the ATV wedges, there’s no need to buy different clubs with different bounce combinations for different conditions. One club provides all the solutions.

The attractive wedge features all-milled grooves and is USGA compliant. The groove design provides maximum allowable spin. From 100 yards and in, golfers have found the club works well for flop shots, low spinning shots, full shots, and high soft shots — even from tight lies. The club even provides spin from heavy rough due to the groove design. Golfers have also found the club looks good and provides a stylish addition to their golfing arsenal. Golfers especially enjoy its versatility out of sand.

Many serious golfers, especially professional golfers, have different wedges based on the type of sand in the bunkers where they are going to play. If the club has especially fluffy sand in the bunkers, golfers may want a wedge with more bounce. If the club has very little sand in the bunkers, a wedge with less bounce might be preferable. Thanks to the new sole design on the ATV wedges, there’s no need to buy several different wedges. The ATV provides the ultimate versatility.

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