Best Golf Clubs for Average Golfer: Putters


If you’ve been struggling with your short game, you might have been asking everybody you know for advice.  From swing tips to suggestions for drills at home, your friends are trying to help. But maybe the problem is your putter.  The best golf clubs for an average golfer are the ones that inspire the most confidence and work with your swing. But a lot of players try to force themselves to play with clubs that just don’t fit because they’re supposed to be the best of their kind.

When you’re trying to replace your putter, you need to try out several models before you buy, but make sure these clubs are on your “must hit” list:

Nike Method MOD 00.  This forgiving face-weighted mallet features an alignment aid.  It has seven helpful lines to ensure that you’re hitting your ball square.  The smooth sole makes it hard to stop short when you’re putting. And the smaller mallet face still boosts confidence while increasing feedback.  This forgiving putter will forgive a lot of your short game failings, provided you don’t overestimate its weight. It’s a favorite of mallet-players and blade-players alike.

Odyssey Versa #7.  If you like a white club, but don’t care for the TaylorMade Ghost line, the Odyssey Versa #7 is an option.  The massive mallet head has a striking black and white color scheme that makes it easy to line up shots. The balance is also superb.  Although it’s not especially flashy, the Odyssey Versa #7 delivers consistent shots and good feedback.  Like the Nike Method MOD 00, though, it’s easy to overestimate the weight of this big club when you’re first getting used to it.

Ping Nome TR.  Ping found a way to make their high-MOI Nome mallet even more forgiving and playable with the release of the Ping Nome TR.  One of the most striking features, aside from the alignment aid that looks like a huge arrow, is the set of variable depth grooves. They get shallower near the edges to help players who don’t always hit their putts square.  The club is light, big and has lots of room for error – perfect for the weekend golfer who needs to spend less time on the green.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Mallet.  TaylorMade is a company known far and wide for their commitment to the average golfer. It shows through in their putter line-up.  The Ghost Spider Mallet is a high-MOI putter and among the most forgiving of the Ghost line.  The Spider looks a little like a spaceship from Space Invaders. This unusual design resist twisting and promotes accuracy for both close and far shots.

Our online shop at offers a great selection of mallet and blade putters, including some of the best golf clubs for average golfer.  We’re always happy to take your gently used golf clubs in trade so you can upgrade your putter without breaking the bank.

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