Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps for Android

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Golf Swing AnalyzerIt was inevitable, really – once tech-based clubs started stealing the show on the course, smartphones had to find a way to get some attention, too. Now, we have even techier options for golfers, including software that can analyze swings in an astonishing number of ways. If you’re looking for some personal help with your swing, it may be time to turn to your smartphone. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best golf swing analyzer apps currently available for Android through the Google Play store.

V1 Golf App

Free for basic, $4.99 for premium

You’re going to get better results from one of the many apps that utilizes an extra piece of equipment to examine your swing, but V1 Golf App is the best golf swing analyzer app for players who simply don’t have it in the budget. The program compares your video-captured swing to the swings of PGA professionals and allows ultra-slow motion replays for your closer inspection.

SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer

Free download, requires $99.99 device

SwingTip utilizes a Bluetooth-enabled, lightweight motion sensor to transmit data about your swing to your smartphone for analysis. The program itself will offer you a great number of tips, but if you want the ultimate experience you can use it to connect to golf coaches who will train you in real time. Neat idea if you don’t have a golf pro around to help you.


Free download, requires $169 device

SwingByte works in much the same way as SwingTip, but the amount of data you get is remarkable. SwingByte won’t give you any tips, so is better geared toward experienced golfers, but it records absolutely everything you might ever want to know about your swing. There are also golf experts available online to help analyze your results for an additional fee.

3Bays Golf Swing Analyzer

Free download, requires $199 device

Some golfers have worried that devices like the ones used by SwingByte or SwingTip will interfere with their swing — after all, the transmitter connects to the shaft of the club. Well, 3Bays solved that problem by putting their hardware into a small package that pushes onto the end of your club and fits seamlessly. You’ll forget you’re using it, and that’s the point. Like the others, you’ll get lots of data and be able to access professionals if you have questions — the big wow factor here is the hardware, to be sure. There’s also a dedicated putter app if your putts are where your game is weak.

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