What are the Best Men’s Golf Drivers?

Shopping for men's golf driver

Shopping for men's golf driver

We’ve told you time and time again how choosing a driver is a personal decision, based on your swing and preferences, but sometimes we can’t resist making a few suggestions when we’re asked which drivers are the best. Here’s a short list of our favorite men’s drivers in golf, many of which are now available as used golf clubs at an impressive discount.

Callaway RAZR Fix Xtreme

It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but the high lofts, big heads, adjustable hosel and moveable weights make a huge difference for a lot of players. The club feels solid, despite it’s light weight, and earned a 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award. RAZR Fit Xtreme drivers are customized to the abilities of a range of players, with unique features for each loft option.

Callaway X Hot

The X Hot is built on the same technology as the RAZR Fix Xtreme, but lacks the moveable weight. This doesn’t seem to hurt the club’s play much, though, and players still get a lot of distance off the ultra-thin clubface. A 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award winner, the X Hot is a forgiving club for high handicappers with fewer adjustments to confuse golfers that just want to go out and play a few rounds.

TaylorMade SLDR

SLDR’s technology is vastly different from other drivers in the TaylorMade family, foregoing a high level of adjustability for set lofts and a moveable weight on a track. Although it seems like a step backward, the SLDR takes the pressure off casual golfers by giving them fewer options. The adjustable weight can move into 21 different positions across the clubhead, dramatically affecting play; the rotating clubface can help you compensate for problematic swings.

TaylorMade R1

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to fiddle with things, the R1 is your driver. This club is all about adjustability — and with 168 different settings, you’ll have plenty of options to try. All that adjustability is probably also the biggest downfall of the R1 — it can be confusing and cumbersome in the wrong hands. Even so, it was a 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award winner for its innovative technology.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2

Boy does this club have Rocketballz. A marriage between the SLDR and the R1, RBZ Stage 2 worked the kinks out of the first issue of this club, but retains the super lightweight feel and adjustable hosel settings. An even bigger face and repositioning of the center of gravity has created a club ideal for the weekend golfer. Some players may struggle with the longer shaft length, though, so it might be a good idea to try this 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award winner before buying.

Titleist 913 Series

The 910s were amazing drivers, but Titleist has managed to improve on them with the 913s. Thinner, lighter forged face inserts increase ball speed as well as forgiveness, a lower center of gravity reduces spin and the 45 inch shaft improves control — the whole package makes for a better game. Both the D2 and D3 have the same adjustable hosel as the 910s, though some players say they can’t tell much of a difference between some of the 16 settings. Choose the D2 if you’re a weekend player and need more clubhead volume or a higher loft angle; the D3 is geared toward frequent golfers with its smaller, pear-shaped head. Not surprisingly, both clubs took home a 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award.

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