What Are the Best TaylorMade Golf Putters?

Best TaylorMade Putters

Best TaylorMade Putters

Putting is all about precision, control, and confidence, so we always recommend that players pick the putters that make them feel the most comfortable on the green — but there are some putters that really stand head and shoulders above the rest. The TaylorMade Ghost putters have made a huge impact on the world of golf — even though most people don’t think of TaylorMade putters first, these are definitely some clubs worth giving a try. You’ll find them available as either new or used golf clubs in shops everywhere. Here’s a little about each model:

TaylorMade Ghost Spider

TaylorMade Ghost Spider (Golf Digest 2012 Hot List Gold Award). The TaylorMade Ghost Spider was the beginning of the popular Ghost Spider line. This mallet-style, high moment of inertia (MOI) club features a soft insert that helps provide a softer feel and the big head prevents twisting during your putt. The big, black alignment aid is easy to see on the white clubhead.

TaylorMade Ghost Manta

TaylorMade Ghost Manta (Golf Digest 2012 Hot List Gold Award). Golfers in need of more stability and better alignment aids with a more traditional look will love the Ghost Manta. Although it’s a high MOI club like the original Ghost Spider, it succeeds in looking very much like an oversized blade putter. The alignment aids are meant to sit on either side of the ball, showing golfers needing a hand with their putts right where to put it.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider S

TaylorMade Ghost Spider S (Golf Digest 2013 Hot List Gold Award). This improvement on the original Ghost Spider kept the features that made mishits almost impossible, like the extremely high MOI and big, forgiving head and soft insert. However, the graphics got a do-over after complaints that the original alignment aids were too complicated. The new alignment aid is a white line on a black field, about as simple as it gets.

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Line

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Line (Golf Digest 2014 Hot List Gold Award). If you’re looking for a blade design, the TaylorMade Ghost Tour line offers several options, as well as a few mallets. Like the other Ghost putters, the Ghost Tours feature an insert, but it’s been tweaked for more feedback — and players say it performs like an insert without feeling like one. The alignment aid is a series of white lines on a black field, allowing you to frame your ball instead of having to rely on just one mid-ball line.

It’s always hard to say just which clubs are the best of their kind, but if you’re looking for an attractive putter with excellent alignment aids and a history of high performance, you can’t get much better than the TaylorMade Ghost putters. Their white paint can be a little delicate, but even a slightly chipped paint job can’t take away from the amazing feel and forgiveness of this series.

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