The Best of Tour Sauce

The Best of Tour Sauce

The term Tour Sauce was invented by the blog No Laying Up when referring to behavior only a Tour professional would display.

A great example is twirling a club after hitting a massive drive and watching the ball soar until it drops on the fairway. Also, pros are often seen fixing divots on the green even though their actions do nothing to repair it. Sometimes even players throw their clubs up in the air after a frustrating swing.

This conduct on the golf course is what Tour Sauce is all about. And it was all started by a group of golf fanatics who created their unique website in 2014. The team finds fresh angles on golf coverage in its website writing. #Tour Sauce and #PrayforTedScott are just some of the popular hash tags that went viral on social media.

To get an idea of what Tour Sauce means, we collected some of the best of No Laying Up’s tweets for you to enjoy below

Jon Rahm tries to sink this putt but it clings to the side of the hole and rebounds back at him.


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