Beyond Basic X-Hot Driver Reviews: Turning Heads with Tech

X-Hot Review Callaway drivers

X-Hot Review Callaway drivers

When all you want is distance and reduced spin, it can be overwhelming when advertisements from every single club manufacturer promise just that. Certainly, any driver can be the longest, depending on who’s swinging it, but often that’s really all you get as far as detailed information goes. We decided to go beyond the X-Hot driver reviews and promotions to find out what makes this new Callaway driver better, faster, hotter and longer. Here’s what we learned about Callaway X-Hot Drivers.

Callaway’s X-Hot Philosophy

Callaway approached their X-Hot drivers with a little different mindset than most golf companies. Instead of building a one size fits all club or going with something that was adjustable, they took all their fitting and flight monitor data and optimized each lofted club based on the player who was likely to select it. For example, the center of gravity in the X-Hot drivers moves toward the heel as the loft increases to help less experienced players resist twisting at impact.

The unique philosophy Callaway brought to the X-Hot driver’s design isn’t the only thing special about it — the club is stuffed with well-considered goodies. The Speed Frame Face is a patented cup that’s meticulously forged from titanium to create a thinner outside and a thicker middle. This design is meant to increase energy transfer from your swing to your ball and to be ultra forgiving on off-centered hits.

Of course, the X-Hot is more than a pretty face — the speed frame face is fitted into a cast head that is super thin and lightweight. The casting process creates a club that’s durable and solid, and provides extreme precision for the center of gravity placement. Known as their Ultra Thin Wall Casting Technology, Callaway’s idea to shed as much weight as possible is a consideration for slower swing speeds. After all, the lighter the club is overall, the faster most players can swing it.

The last, but absolutely not the least, feature you should pay attention to on this club is the Optifit Hosel. It’s easy to use and allows you to set your clubface to a setting that best complements your swing. The open position (O) opens the face 2.5 degrees and removes a degree of loft, the closed position (C) shuts down the face by 1.5 degrees and adds a degree of loft. The closed face can help if you tend to hit the ball to the right, an open face if it tends to fly to the left. Otherwise, you can leave the hosel set to neutral and swing away.

We’ve got plenty of new, used and open box Callaway drivers to choose from at, so when you’re ready to change your game, come check them out. We’ll even take your old driver as trade toward your new one!.

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