Should I Buy a SLDR Driver Used?

playing with used golf clubs

playing with used golf clubs

If you’re shopping for new gear to help improve your swing, there’s nothing that can catch the TaylorMade SLDR drivers this year; it’s a driver on fire! All that tech doesn’t come cheap, though — unless you get a good buy, a SLDR driver may take up to four hundred of your hard-earned dollars. Justifying that kind of expense when you only play every other weekend may be difficult, but there’s no reason to stress when there are so many pre-owned golf clubs for sale.

The Smart Money’s on Buying Used

Golf isn’t a cheap sport to play, and with all the new clubs coming and going year after year, it gets really hard to keep up. This is the very reason that choosing a used SLDR driver is a great idea. As long as you buy your driver from a reputable dealer or know how to grade a used driver yourself, there’s nothing to worry about — the only difference between a new club and a used one are a few very faint marks on the face from having hit a bucket’s worth of balls.

By the time you get home from your first round with a new club, you’d have a hard time telling your new club from a gently used model — and the savings can be substantial. These days, there’s a ton of used gear out there that has barely been played. Pros are pressured to constantly upgrade with each new club release and those players that want to tee off with nothing short of the next newest and best are swapping their drivers at warp speed.

So, where can you find some great used golf gear? Start with your local pro shop — they get all sorts of trade-ins when players swap for newer drivers. They’ll probably have a limited supply, but if you find the SLDR of your dreams, you’ll be able to take it right to the course.

Another great resource are Internet golf shops. Speciality retailers like us,, offer a greater selection, but you’ll have to trust that we’re staking our reputation on properly grading the clubs we take in on trade. Still, with a 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose but yards off your game. With an online golf shop, you won’t have to worry that you’ll have to settle for what happens to be hiding in the back corner, but you do have to wait for FedEx (or UPS).

Some golfers are turning to eBay to shave money off their golf budget. As long as you stick to reputable sellers, you may find some really great deals there — but pay close attention to individual sellers’ return policies. If your new SLDR driver has a problem, you may be stuck with it, or forced to spend as much to fix it at your local pro shop as you saved.

With all the new drivers constantly circulating through the golf world, buying used just makes sense for a lot of golfers. Take a look at our huge catalog of golf clubs in used, new and open box conditions and you’ll see just how much an online golf retailer can stretch your satisfaction-guaranteed golfing budget.

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