Buying Golf Clubs Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

buying used golf clubs

buying used golf clubs

There’s something extra satisfying about sneaking out to the course early on a Saturday morning with clubs that you saved a bundle on. Sadly, great prices on golf clubs are about as rare as seeing a golfing unicorn, right? Not anymore! Buying golf clubs today is a totally different proposition than it has been in years past — no longer are you forced to pick your used clubs from the corner of the pro shop or trusted friends, you’ve got options!

Because of the incredible rate at which golf clubs manufacturers have been releasing new clubs (especially drivers!), there is a ton of used stock that’s in like new condition. In response to this glut of used clubs, golf club experts like 3balls now offer trade-in on gently played golf clubs when their owner is looking to invest in the newest sticks on the block or upgrade to another used set.

Advantages to Buying Golf Clubs Used

Everybody likes something new and shiny that’s never been touched by another person, but there are distinct advantages to buying golf gear that has seen a few buckets of balls. These are just a few of the reasons to consider buying used golf clubs:

They’re cheaper.

Everybody knows that buying used saves money, but when it comes to golf clubs, that amount can be significant. For example, today at, a used Titleist 913 D2 driver in like new condition goes for $164.96 — the MSRP on that same club new is a whopping $445! In most cases you can’t even tell the difference between new and like new!

They’ve had more eyes on them.

A new club comes from the factory packed and boxed, but beyond some calibrations and measurements by a machine, they’ve yet to actually be tested. Used clubs are put through their paces in the real world by golfers, then are again checked and re-checked by resellers who ensure they fit together properly and are correctly assessed for condition. If you get a lemon of a used club from a reputable golf gear peddler, you’d better go buy a lottery ticket because the odds are about the same.

They’re surprisingly similar.

Obviously, the newest offerings from your favorite manufacturer have something different enough about them to justify a new run, but for the most part, golf club manufacturers make changes by inches. That means that unless your brand is unveiling something totally different, the club from last year or previous season was pretty close to the version of it that just came out.

Whether you decide to buy new or used golf clubs, we’ve got you covered at Come by and check out our huge selection of all the best equipment in golf.

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