Why You Can’t Quit Golf

Why You Can't Quit Golf

You love golf. Absolutely LOVE IT. You’ve formed some of your best memories on the golf course over the years. But now you’re not feeling it so much anymore.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, not improving and going nowhere fast. Your swing is changing so your handicap score is well above average. You hit mis-hit after mis-hit, hardly ever striking the green and always landing in a hazard. In a moment of frustration, you just want to quit FOREVER. Yet, you love it so much. What should you do?

What If My Game Stinks?

If you’ve enjoyed the game before, you will enjoy it again. Start playing for fun. Forget scores. Forget handicaps. Just play for one good shot. Enjoy time with your friends. Have an appreciation for the course and the game in general.

why you cant quit golf

Take a break if you need to but don’t check out for too long. All those years of hard practice will wear off and you’ll be starting anew again. Plus you’ll totally regret ever stopping. Whatever you do, don’t sell or throw out your equipment! Store it in a safe place for the time being.

Maybe it’s time for you to think about lessons. An instructor will be able to identify some of your problem areas in your golf swing. They will find the important things you need to fix and focus on them one at a time on the range. After practicing on the range, you’ll put your skills to good use on the course. A professional opinion always helps.

Lastly, you need to simply enjoy your time spent on the course. Sometimes staying off the range is a good thing. Stop playing swing and start playing GOLF. Unwrap yourself from bad energy and get in touch with everything that’s great about the game. Our suggestion: Play with good partners. Don’t pick just anybody. Play with people who enjoy golf.

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