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What’s the best driver?

Interested in finding out what the best golf driver is? There's a lot of choices but we single it down to 1.

TaylorMade R9

What Degree is a 3 Wood?

A 3 wood usually has between 13 to 15 degrees of loft. Still a little unclear? Find out what a 3 wood can do for your golf game.

What are your clubs worth?

What are your old clubs worth?

Mike Johnson, equipment editor for Golf World, and Mike Stachura, equipment editor for Golf Digest, join Golf Channel’s Matt Ginella to discuss the trade-in value for used clubs.

Three Clubs I’m Excited About for 2012!

As hard as it is to believe, golf season is here for many of us!  New seasons bring new equipment for some.  At the very least it should mean we are all...