Choose Certified Used Golf Clubs to Increase Your Gear Options

golf clubs in caddy on course

golf clubs in caddy on course

Today’s golfers are more spoiled for choice than any players in the history of the game. New club releases are flying out of development at a maddening pace and even old favorites seem to get tweaked and expanded every year.

Unfortunately, these new clubs come with shiny new price tags, even if what they’ve got to offer over similar models isn’t that impressive. In a time when seemingly every new club’s selling points include a more forward center of gravity and a thinner, variable thickness face, it pays for golfers to check out their options in certified pre-owned golf clubs.

Big Benefits to Buying Used Golf Clubs

There’s certainly value to be had in clubs that offer the latest technological breakthroughs; when the TaylorMade RocketBladez irons were first released, there was absolutely nothing that should have stopped players who struggle with standard irons from jumping on that bandwagon. However, that’s the exception to the normal course of things. By and large, new club releases represent small tweaks to a recent club line.

Some players need to keep up with the newest and best, especially if they spend a lot of time on the course as a professional or do business on the green. For the rest of the crowd, however, one of the best decisions they may make is to choose used golf clubs. There’s nothing wrong with coveting the newest, shiniest thing, but it’s not always a necessity for improving your play.

With many club lines, you’ll do just as well on the course with a version that’s a year older and be able to invest in significantly better tech at a reduced price. With pre-owned gear, you’re also not limited to this year’s releases — sometimes club lines get overlooked and discontinued before they have a chance to really shine. That’s exactly what happened with the Cleveland Classic XL fairways. Those fairways were killers, but just weren’t able to make enough noise to out-shout the competitors. They’re still a great choice, even though they’re no longer in production.

If you’re ready to gear up for less, take a look at our huge selection of used and open box equipment. We carefully grade each stick that comes through our doors to ensure that they’re in great condition and are priced appropriately. We’re staking our reputation on our skill at sorting out the “Like News” from the “Very Goods” at, so you know you’re always going to get exactly what you ordered.

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