Choosing the Best Putting Grips

Golf putting grip

Golf putting grip

No matter how good your putter is, there are going to be days when you just can’t find the cup.  When those days stretch into weeks, you may start thinking about replacing your club with a different model, or just giving up putting all together.  Never fear, fellow golfer, sometimes all you really need in these situations is a new putting grip.

When you’re looking for the best putting grip for your game, a lot of choices you’ll make are extremely personal. Color, brand and grip patterns come down to what you like best, but one thing, the thickness of the grip, can make a huge difference to your game.  A worn putter grip can cause you to hold your putter in the wrong position, ruining your short game.

Before you choose your new grip, consider what it is that you want out of your putter — and pick the grip that helps you get the best results.  Here are some general pointers for finding the best putting grip:

Thick grips are all the rage these days, but they’re not for everybody.  A thick grip forces you to swing using your arms and shoulders, but allow you to hold your putter less tightly, resulting in a smoother putting stroke.  Many professionals use thick grips, but they do have their drawbacks.  Besides the increased price, thicker grips quiet the vibrations coming from the putter head, making it harder to accurately judge your putts.

Thin grips can be more difficult to handle, especially if you have arthritic or large hands, but the rewards can greatly outweigh the problems if you handle them right.  With a thin grip, you’ll need to focus on wrist motion and hand position in order to get consistent putts.  Properly stroked, a putter with a thin putter grip will give you maximum feedback and ultimate distance control.  However, you’ll feel every stroke because there’s not much material to dampen the vibrations, so try these before you commit.

Standard grips are exactly what you’d think they are — they’re the in-betweeners.  For most weekend golfers, standard grips are the perfect blend of feedback and thickness, making putts easier to control and distance simpler to gauge.  Standard grips will deaden some of the vibrations from the club head and force you to use your wrists more, but may be more flexible if you struggle with consistency.

Putting grips give you a chance to add a little color to your clubs and can change your swing mechanics for better putts more often.  We’ve got a great selection of grips at from manufacturers like Titleist, SuperStroke and Pure Grips — you’re sure to find your new favorite putting grips in our line-up.

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