Choosing the Best Women’s Driver for Your Game

Michelle Wie

Most of the club recommendations you’ll find on the web are made with male golfers in mind. Too many golf professionals neglect the many women who are playing the game. Although it would be easy to assume that ladies need the same clubs as men, this isn’t always true. Golf clubs for women have different characteristics: specifically they’re light and high lofted to help average female players, who tend to swing slowly, get as much distance as possible. Here’s our list of the women’s drivers we most recommend for average golfers:

Callaway Big Bertha

The big, lightweight clubhead of the Big Bertha is enough reason to give her a try, but when you add a base loft of up to 13.5 degrees (adjustable up to 15.5 degrees), the Big Bertha becomes a must-play driver. The adjustable perimeter weighting system can help you conquer your draws and fades, too.

Cobra Women’s Bio Cell

Grossly under-represented on the LPGA Tour, Cobra’s Bio Cell driver is an adjustable and forgiving driver like no other. WIth adjustable lofts from 11 to 14 degrees and a square face presentation despite your hosel settings, the Bio Cell may be one of the best overlooked, no frills drivers in the game. The bright color options are just an added bonus!

Nike VR-S Covert 2.0

If you can shoot a lower lofted club, the VR-S Covert 2.0’s cavity-backed clubhead will give you velocity like you’ve never generated before. The deep clubface has been reengineered into a metal trampoline, bouncing the ball even harder and straighter on impact. When paired with a Kuro Kage Black HBP graphite 50 shaft, this club is light as a feather.

Ping Serene

Unlike the other clubs on this list, the Ping Serene was built from the ground up with women golfers in mind. Instead of being a reimagining of a man’s club, the Serene is designed to get maximum distance and speed out of a typical female’s swing, working with her body structure. Lofts of up to 14 degrees are available on this highly forgiving driver.

TaylorMade SLDR Ladies Driver

Adjustable to 13.5 degrees in loft, the SLDR offers a lot of the same tech as the Big Bertha, including the moveable heel-toe weighting. Unlike Bertha, the weight runs along the bottom of the SLDR’s club head, changing how the club swings on the course. It’s a favorite of the LPGA, but if you’re looking for even more adjustability, check out the TaylorMade R1.

Your search for pre-owned ladies golf clubs doesn’t have to end in frustration and misinformation — just come by We’ve always got several driver options for the women of golf, both new and gently used.

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