Club Review: Callaway X-Hot Driver

3balls callaway

3balls callaway
3Balls Callaway DriverTechy drivers are all the rage these days, but for some golfers, less is more. Callaway drivers may be the best marriage of tech and simplicity, with the Callaway X-Hot Driver leading the charge. If you’re in the market for used golf clubs, you definitely need to check out the Callaway X-Hot Driver, and here’s why:

Drivers are optimized by loft

Perhaps the most special thing about the design of the original X-Hot is the concept of optimizing each club for the player most likely to be using it. Instead of a lot of knobs and sliders to tweak, Callaway has chosen features that will benefit your game best. Higher lofts feature higher draw bias for straighter shots and lower lofts shift the center of gravity to a more neutral position to match the swing of better players.

The Speed Frame is more than a pretty face

In fact, the thin, lightweight speed frame increases ball speed by adding more flex to the face and improves consistency with more sidespin on your shots. It’s more forgiving than other models and has a center of gravity optimized for your level of play. In short, you get better control and longer shots, even off of less-than-perfect swings.

Lighter weights mean faster swings

A lot of casual golfers struggle with two things: slow swings and low launch angles. The Callaway X-Hot driver takes care of both of these things by providing a variety of high lofts matched with big, lightweight heads. Even if you’ve got a slow swing, you’ll attack your ball with a lot more speed because you don’t have to move as much weight before you contact the ball. Everybody wins.

Opti-Fit hosel doesn’t offer too many options

If you’re looking at these drivers, you’re relying on Callaway to know what you need in a club, and that’s fine, but the day may come when you’d like to open your club face up a little or shut it down some to improve your shots. Callaway left those options open with the Opti-Fit hosel. You can position your club face into open, closed, or neutral positions while adjusting the loft slightly for those uneven shots.

When you’re ready to dive into the world of used golf clubs, take a look at the beautiful pre-owned Callaway X-Hot drivers we have available at Buying used allows you to own the technology you want without having to break the budget, and our careful grading will tell you exactly what you can expect from your “new to you” driver.

Top photo credit: Golf Post / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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